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Oliver Valves - Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

'Oliver' as manufacturers, will continue to ensure that any processes carried out at all of our manufacturing & production sites, have a minimal impact to the environment & actively promote the recycling of materials associated with the manufacture & transportation of valve products.

All products manufactured, do not contain any components, which in their designed parameters are harmful to the environment.

We promote that valves after their useful life are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, whilst recognising that this is the purchaser's responsibility to undertake this function.

Any specialist process mediums or products used during the manufacture of valve products & services are disposed of in accordance with health & safety legislation requirements & Local Government Authority guidelines & requirements.

'Oliver' is committed to working closely with the Local Authority on any matters effecting the environment, resulting in by-products of valve manufacture at 'Oliver' being disposed of through refuse reclamation or effluent disposal.

We also work closely with North West Water & fully comply with the Water Industry Act 1991, particularly in the discharge of trade effluent associated with valve production.

'Oliver' promotes the use of energy saving devices & actively encourages energy saving issues on all three sites by the use of power saving devices, VDU power savers, lean lighting etc.

Although 'Oliver' are not BS EN ISO 14001 formally registered, we recognise our customers' commitment to environmental issues.

Where a company practices the implementation to & compliance of BS EN ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems, we will to our ability, adhere to appropriate environmental issues concerning a contract.

The 'Oliver' Health, Safety & Environmental policy is displayed on the TV screen in the main reception area & on company notice boards within the company premises. A copy of the policy is available to personnel via the company library, & is made available to interested parties via the company website.