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Oliver Valves - Air Headers and Distribution Manifolds

Oliver Valves offer both Air Headers and Distribution Manifolds. Our air headers are perfect for low pressure applications to 150 PSI, while our Distribution Manifolds are capable of handling higher pressure ratings. By using standard materials, we are able to ensure that our valves integrate into multiple applications in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

Air Headers

Low pressure Air Headers for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects.

Distribution Manifolds

High pressure distribution manifolds up to 6,000 PSI.

Distribution Headers and Manifolds - Usage and Applications

Fluid Distribution Headers are widely used in a variety of different gas and liquid applications all over the world. Fluid Distribution Headers (FDH) and Air Headers provide the end-user with a flow path while allowing the operator to take advantage of having multiple outlets. A typical FDH will have an inlet on one end of the valve, and a drain on the other end. In between the inlet and the drain, there are numerous outlets and valves on each side.

Our Distribution Manifolds are also widely used in applications where plant nitrogen, cooling water and steam compressed air are used, among other liquids/gases. We are able to provide our distribution manifolds with multiple different headers depending on your requirements. To learn more about our Air Headers and Distribution Manifolds, simply follow through to the individual product page to see the specifications and configuration options.