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Oliver Valves engineers a range of Ball Valve Manifolds for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. Our three most popular manifolds include: Barstock DBB Manifolds, B6XGM1S and B6XG12FFS. We offer ball valves in 10mm bore size, 14mm and 20mm across the range. Depending on the type of ball valve chosen, we are also able to supply valves that are capable of withstanding up to 10,000 PSI and a maximum temperature of 240C.

In addition to the standard isolation ball valve, Oliver valves can provide the ball valve in a manifold with applications such as block and bleed gauge valves and double block and bleed instrument valves.

These ball valve manifolds as standard are rated to 413bar (6,000psi) but can be rated to 689bar (10,000psi) and are available in a range of different materials.

We also manufacture multiport ball valves which allow compact solutions to the joint mounting of remote and local indicating instruments. These can be supplied with a range of blanking or vent plugs and / or swivel gauge adaptors.

3D Models are available upon request.

B6XGM1S Specifications:
Pressure Rating6,000 PSI
Packing Handle:Lever
Maximum Temperature:120C (PTFE/PVDF) or 200C (PTFE/KEL-F & PEEK)
Thread form:NPT
Barstock DBB Manifold Specifications:
Maximum Pressure Rating6,000 PSI
Maximum Temperature240C
B6XG12FFS Specifications:
Maximum Pressure Rating10,000 PSI
Standard Connections1/2" NPT (female) inlet and outlet with 1/4" NPT (female) vent

B6XG12FFS & B6XGM1S Key Features:

  • Enclosed soft seats giving positive sealing and low torque operation across the pressure range.
  • One-piece spindle with anti-blowout shoulder that maintains seal integrity at all pressures.
  • Precision machined ball for smooth operation through 90 degrees to give straight through bore.
  • Either PTFE or graphite foil spindle and body seals to give high body integrity.
  • 316 stainless steel, one-piece handle fitted with twin anti-vibration locknuts.

Barstock DBB Manifold Key Features:

  • Compact barstock double block and bleed valve.
  • Anti-blowout spindle.
  • Full and Reduced bore valve available.
  • Each valve traceable by unique number.
  • Cam inter-lock option available.
  • T Type and L Type ball DBB Manifold's available.
  • T Type features 1/4 turn operation.