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Oliver Valves - Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Valves

Oliver Valves - Double Block and Bleed Valves

Oliver Valves in the early 1980's pioneered the Double Block and Bleed (DBB) concept, which has very much now become a standard world wide. Each Double Block and Bleed Valve manufactured by Oliver Valves has a unique number recording its factory history. We have manufactured and distributed more than 300,000 of these units worldwide, and worked with some of the largest Oil and Gas projects in the world.

We offer our innovative Double Block and Bleed solution on a variety of our valves, including Forged Double Block and Bleed's, Instrument Double Block and Bleed's, Injection & Sampling Double Block and Bleed's and Primary Isolation Double Block and Bleed's.

Forged DBB Valves

Forged DBB Valves

Flange-to-Flange and Flange-to-Pipe Forged DBB Valves.

Injection and Sampling Valves

Injection and Sampling Valves

Sampling and Injection Valves with customizable nozzles.

Instrument DBB Valves

Instrument DBB Valves

ID Type, IN Type, L Type and T Type Instrument DBB Valves.

Primary Isolation Valves

Primary Isolation Valves

A range of primary isolation valves - including Slimline valves.

The Benefits of our DBB Valves For You

Our Double Block and Bleed Valves have allowed Oil, Gas and Petrochemical operators to ensure complete safety in complex operations. Through 30-years of innovation, we have taken our initial DBB concept and created a valve solution that is now being used all over the world by thousands of operators.

Our Research & Development unit is always innovating further - providing our customers with DBB valves that offer reduced weight, superior reliability and safety and cost reduction. With safety at the forefront of Oliver Valves, our DBB boast a unique numbering system on each valve recording its factory history. We can trace each Double Block and Bleed Valve back over 30-years and trace its origins and history.

Oliver's unique approach offers the designer of sampling, draining, injection and pressure instrument take-off points a simple, rigid, compact, safe, low-cost option to "CONVENTIONAL PRACTICE".

Our DBB valves are used in critical applications, where cost, weight and space saving are paramount for:

  • Pressure instrument take-off points.
  • Sampling systems, where a pipeline probe is integral with our valve.
  • Chemical injection systems, where a check valve is part of our valve assembly.
  • Drains for tanks and pipes, where space is restricted.
  • High pressure firesafe diverter valves.
  • Hydraulic power unit systems.
  • Reduced vibrational stresses.
  • Cost savings with exotic material designs are huge.
Double Block and Bleed Valves

Oliver Valves in the early 80's pioneered the Double Block and Bleed concept, which has very much now become a standard world wide. Each Double Block and Bleed has a unique number recording its factory history and we are now way above 300,000 of these units in installation worldwide.

Our DBB Valves are a smaller unit vs the traditional hook-up, bringing both piping and instrumentation isolation into one unit. To the end user (you), you get the advantage of having less weight, which is significant on the top side of a platform when you combine all the pressure instrument take-offs. Typical installation is reduced from 33kg to 7kg, a weight reduction of 75%!

Weight reduction is also an issue when take-off is horizontal, this instils a bending moment and could cause critical fracture of pipeline interface and is generally overcome by adding more stanchions & cussetting to support traditional installation, which adds even more weight.

Cost reduction - Our customers typically achieve a 30% saving over traditional installations, which jumps up to 70% in the case of valves made from exotic materials for more exacting processes!

Cost saving on site - Our end-users only have to worry about the cost of one factory tested component, as opposed to different piping valves, instrument valves, flanges, connections and flanged seal rings and then the cost to raise purchase orders. On top of that, departments are expected to chase the parts in goods receivable, etc., and then the shipping costs are larger and weightier. Coded welders could be required as well. A lot of this process is completely erased when choosing Oliver's DBB valves.

Safety - including spool pieces the type of valve, i.e. standard 3-piece valve used in installation may have as many as nine additional leak points.

Health & safety legislation is moving more and more towards testing at a considerable cost to each one of these joints after installation. The cost of which can be excessive. USA and other countries process safety management document OCEA 3132, and in the UK Health & Safety Executive application HSG253. These documents state that a double block and bleed valve must be used. All these documents stem from the Piper Alpha disaster over 20 years ago and the P36 disaster in Brazil, both of which indicated double block and bleed as a marked improvement for safety.

The 'top-hat' or T-section forging use of the body of the valve, and the H section use of flange to flange variance is upset forged, which means the grain flow of the material flows into the flange, making for a very strong body.

First isolation is to a full piping valve ASME V111 specification, ball configurations whether they be standard 2-ball valves isolate and needle valve vent, 3-needle valves or 3-ball valves are all firesafe certified valves.

Delivery - Our DBB part machine program was set-up many years ago, in which we machined all aspects of the double block and bleed concept. The customer simply specifies the desired flange, which reduces lead time and results in quicker shipping.

With Oliver Valves' DBB valves, you can choose from a different variations, including vent and injection, ball range, exotic materials, and all the options available from standard ball and needle valves.

Explosive decompression occurs when gas at high pressure permeates into seal materials. When the gas pressure is reduced the absorbed gas expands which can cause the seals to swell and blister. Oliver Valves only use seal material within their 'Double Block and Bleed Valve' range that are resistant to explosive decompression.

Double Block and Bleed Valve

1 - ADVANCED DESIGNS Our products conform to the latest international design specifications and are approved by leading companies.

2 - TOUGH HANDLES Rugged, 316 stainless steel, low torque, quarter turn handles will not rust in offshore service.

3 - POSITIVE STOP PINS A 316 stainless steel pin held into the body by a machined anti-vibration spline assures an absolute 90 degree turn.

4 - HIGH PERFORMANCE SEATS Unique enclosed seats offer great process compatibility but restrict creep or distortion in service. Our approach achieves high levels of seat integrity at low and high pressures.

5 - FIRESAFE BALL VALVES Go metal to metal in a fire to reduce leakage due to seat destruction.

6 - BALL This precision machined component is super finished assuring low operating torques.

7 - THROUGH BORE OF BALL VALVES True positive 90 degree opening combined with clear through bores across the range allows rodding.

8 - PRECISION PROCESS THREADS Super finished screwcut - not tapped threads - using advanced CNC machines ensure easy assembly and leak tight threads with reduced risk of galling.

9 - SOLID BACKSEATED ANTIBLOWOUT SPINDLE Precision, rugged one piece stem incorporates anti-blow out feature and maintains seal integrity at all pressures. Anti-vibration lock nuts are standard to all products.

10 - BODY SEALS Totally contained 'O' ring type body seals for body integrity and additionally protecting internal body threads from process media.

11 - DROP FORGED BODY A rigid one piece drop forged body, eliminates potential leak points experienced with conventional hook ups.

12 - 'BLOK-LOK' (PATENT PENDING) Anti-removable pin, non-welded connector locking system which prevents accidental disassembly when in service.

13 - HEAVY DUTY FIRESAFE NEEDLE VALVES Oliver's proven heavy duty needle pattern head unit features a rugged firesafe and tested construction.

The key selling points of Oliver Valves' range of DBB valves include:

  • We eliminate a terrific amount of space when compared with welding three individual valves together.
  • We save a huge amount of direct labour and site installation costs.
  • We have a reduced amount of leakage points - a huge benefit as fugitive emissions are so important.
  • We have reduced production costs, feeding the savings directly to our customers.
  • We only have one component to be ordered, not many as in the old applications, which can save on inventory and site confusion.
  • We can get away from local site support by reducing the bending movement.
  • We can bring the pressure instrument a lot closer to the point of pressure measurement thus saving space which is most important on skip mounting applications.
  • Unique numbering system on each valve recording factory history (the first DBB manufacturing being over 25 years ago, with over 300,000 DBB valves manufactured).