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Our Needle Valve Manifolds are designed for direct mounting to differential pressure transmitters, with separate isolation for LP and HP inlets plus equalising valve for simple calibration. Each needle valve head is designed for safe and reliable isolation, giving bubble tight shut off, with non-rotating & anti-galling tip and dynamic self-adjusting spindle seal to give long service life in a variety of service conditions.

In addition to the standard isolation needle valve, Oliver valves can provide 2, 3 and 5 valve manifolds for both remote and direct mounting to pressure gauge and pressure differential transmitters. These manifold valves are, as standard rated to 413bar (6000psi) and are available in a range of different materials. Our Needle Valve Manifolds are available in numerous different configurations - including pipe-to-pipe, pipe-to-flange and flange-to-flange.

To date, our needle valve manifolds have been used all over the world on both small scale and large scale Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects.

Our customers also benefit from our Needle Valve Manifolds being supplied with mounting bolts and seal rings. In the past, customers have used our Y34 and YV34 manifolds to mount onto Rosemount transmitters and other applications. As with most of Oliver Valves' range of Needle Valves, we are able to work closely with our customers to design and engineer bespoke manifolds that fit into both new and existing projects.

3D Models are available upon request.

Needle Valve Manifold Specifications:
PSI RatingRated to 6,000 PSI as standard.
ConfigurationsPipe-to-Pipe, Pipe-to-Flange and Flange-to-Flange
Valve ConfigurationsTwo Valve, Three Valve and Five Valve configurations
Mounting OptionsBoth remote and direct mounting available

Question: I Have a five valve manifold ( Type Y54 ) and I can not Install this manifold Directly to the yokogawa pressure transmitter ( model No.: EJA ). Do I have the correct needle valve manifold?

Answer: Sorry, but the Y54 manifold is a remote mounted valve, this will not fit direct to any transmitter. The correct valve would be the Y53 manifold.

Question: Will the Y34 3 valve manifold mount directly onto a Rosemount 3051SMV transmitter? Is the manifold supplied with fixing bolts and seals or do we need to specify this separately?

Answer: Both a Y34 and YV34 can be mounted to a Rosemount 3051 transmitter. Both valves are supplied, as standard, with mounting bolts and seal rings.

Question: Please confirm the body material and Trim material of 3 way Manifold Y33M-AG-NA. Is the body material Monel or SS?

Answer: The body and trim material is Monel 400.