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Oliver Valves has been at the forefront of Needle Valve technology. Since our formation in the late 70's, we have pioneered the Needle Valve concept. Our range of Needle Valves and Manifolds offer true reliability and safety under high pressure.

Our Needle Valves are the most unique valves on the market today, offering a diverse range of features and added extras to ensure that our customers are able to benefit from maximum efficiency through the Oil and Gas extraction process.

Gauge Valves

Gauge Valves

A range of Gauge Valves - including Multiport and Vent Valves.

Needle Isolaton Valves

Needle Isolation Valves

A diverse range of Needle Isolation Valves - including Firesafe Valves.

Needle Valve Manifolds

Needle Valve Manifolds

Needle Valve Manifolds - Two, Three and Five Valve.

The Most Unique Needle Valve on the Market Today

Oliver Valves engineers and manufactures a range of Needle Valves and Manifolds for use in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. All of our needle valves are available to NACE MR-01-75 (Latest revision). For sour service specifications, add suffix /NA to the product name.

We are able to provide our needle valve manifolds with plugs, but these are not supplied as standard and must be specified while ordering. Each of our manifold valves have stainless steel colour coded identity tags affixed to individual valve head units. The colour blue represents isolate, green for equalize and red for vent.

Our Needle Valves and Manifolds may be degreased for oxygen service to Air Products AO3 standard, and our 6,000 PSI needle valves and our remote mounted manifolds can be uprated to 10,000 PSI as per our customers requirements.

Our Firesafe needle valves and manifolds are constructed in austenitic stainless steel. Duplex stainless steel Class 150lb to 2500lb can also be supplied where necessary. These products have Lloyds Register Approval certificate number 92/00140 (E2) and are to BS 6755 Part 2 (1987) with a maximum working pressure of 6,000 PSI and a maximum working temperature of 540C. Standard needle valves, with PTFE packing, have been tested to full vacuum conditions.

All direct mount manifolds are supplied with Teflon gaskets and high tensile carbon steel bolts. Graphite gaskets and stainless steel bolts are available on request.

Needle Valve


316 Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion resistance, fastened to spindle by anti-vibration bolt can be inter-changed with anti-tamper feature or a handwheel with or without our patented locking device.


Precision machined, works in conjunction with a dynamic piston ring, giving leak free operation for the life of the product. Seals in alternative materials are available.


Uniquely offers dynamic adjustment of the packing gland seal in response to pressure change. This feature ensures leak free spindle sealing.


Non-rotating self-centering, anti-galling spindle tip gives positive bubble-tight shut-off self-centering closure and field inter-changeability of different tip styles is possible.


All Oliver products have material traceability and pressure test certificates to BS EN 10204 3.1 and controlled by QA procedures approved to ISO 9001:2008. A unique code is stamped on all needle valve bodies linking them with their material and chemical analysis certificates.


Rugged design with rolled threads in contact with body ensures high factor of safety when needle valve is at maximum pressure and temperature. Metal to metal, body to bonnet contact coupled with a special secondary seal offers an extremely effective leak free joint.


Protects lubricated spindle threads from the ingress of dirt. Caps are colour coded to show the type of service condition the needle valve is suitable for. The colour RED (standard) stands for PTFE packed; WHITE for degreased for oxygen service and BLACK for Graphite packed.


These precision machined parts adjust piston ring compression on the packing to give leak free operation, even on vacuum service.


The heart of our needle valve. All threads are rolled and lubricated to eliminate galling. A special ten micro inch super finish on the seal diameter dramatically reduces operating torque. And the stem is anti blowout/non-removable, which is a major safety feature.


A 316 Stainless Steel pin eliminates unauthorised removal of the bonnet assembly. The pin is held by an anti-vibration spline into the body.


A Stainless Steel ring around the housing indicates in colour coded form the status of the needle valve: isolate (blue), vent (red) or equalise (green).

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