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Oliver Valvetek - Subsea Gate Valves

Oliver Valvetek - Subsea Valves

Multi-award winning Oliver Valvetek has become renown globally for engineered-to-precision subsea gate valves. Our innovation spans far and wide, and covers both hydraulically actuated and manually actuated gate valves. We offer three types of subsea gate valves - shallow water, medium water and deep water.

With our Research & Development teams boasting the latest state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to work closely with our customers to engineer and manufacture designed-for-purpose gate valves. The majority of our subsea gate valves are bespoke and uniquely engineered for each project.

Subsea Gate Valves For Subsea Projects

Oliver Valvetek offer an extensive range of bespoke subsea gate valves that can be used on both new and existing Oil and Gas subsea projects. Over the years, Oliver Valvetek has attained numerous industry awards for engineering innovation, and this is apparent in our gate valves. We offer manually actuated gate valves (ROV), hydraulically actuated gate valves and rotary gate valves to provide a comprehensive selection.

With Oil and Gas extraction becoming more advanced, our customers demand only the most innovative engineering excellence. Our R&D department continually pushes the boundaries of innovation to engineer subsea gate valves that are suitable for high pressure ratings and superior performance under high temperatures.

With vast experience on numerous projects all over the world, both small and large, our technical sales team is capable of providing technical consultations on both new and existing projects. We can also adopt a project-focused approach where necessary, often helping to expedite the extraction process all round. We are able to draw on our vast experience and bring technical and commercial know-how into the equation.

Gate Valves

Metal to Metal Seat to Gate Sealing

The gate valves utilise well proven Tungsten Carbide coated gates and seats. Through tight control of manufacture and finishing of these components, the gate valves prove a gas tight seal up to 15,000psi (1034bar).

Polymeric Seat to Body Sealing with Metal to Metal Sealing Back Up.

Sealing between the gate valve seats and valve body is achieved through the use of energised polymeric seals. These seals are backed up with metal to metal sealing.

Spring Energised U-Cup Lip Gland Seals

The spindle to bonnet gland seal has been designed with twin spring energised U-Cup lip type lower seals and a multi-chevron ring style packing set. The complete seal assembly proves dynamic adjustment for leak free spindle sealing.

Metal to Metal Body to Bonnet Sealing

All the Oliver Valvetek gate valves have either Grayloc or Destec metal to metal sealing rings for body to bonnet sealing. Both manufacturers seals are widely used in the oil and gas industry.

Anti-Blowout Spindle

Each size of gate valve has a spindle designed to provide an anti blow-out safety feature.

Environmental Seals

All subsea gate valves have seals to prevent the ingress of seawater. These have been tested to water depths equivalent to 10,000 feet [3050m].

Optional Integral Check Valve

The Oliver Valvetek gate valve bodies can be designed to incorporate a full bore fail close check valve. The gate / check assembly is a commonly used arrangement for chemical injection lines.