Floating Type 1/2'' & 3/4'' Ball Valves

Oliver Valvetek ½" & ¾" Ball Valves offer an anti-blow out safety spindle and clear, quarter turn position indication whilst the unique sprung seats provide low pressure sealing and protects the valves cavity from debris.

Standard Specification

The floating type ½" & ¾" ball valve has a pressure rating of 10,000psi (690 bar) and is available in a bore size of 0.55” (14mm) whilst bore sizes up to 2” (50mm) available at lower pressures.

Each valve is hyperbarically tested to water a depth of 10,000ft (3050m).

Key Features

  • All primary seals non-elastometric
  • Stem seal is a Peek thrust seal and an FKM O-ring secondary seal
  • Valve can be operated normally if stop pin shears due to overtorque

Question and Answer

Question: Is this ROV operated type? looking for ROV operated DBB valve


The 1/2" and 3/4" floating ball valves can be ROV operated and can also be built into a double block and bleed assembly.

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