Why Choose Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Valves

Why Choose DBB?

What is a DBB?

A double block and bleed valve is used where double isolation is required for
ensured leak tightness and safety, manufactured as a modular one-piece
design. The DBB valves can be used for the following services:

• Pressure instrument isolation
• Purge points
• Vents
• Drains
• Sample points
• Injection points
• Process flow isolation

Under certain conditions, double block and bleed systems are needed to
prevent product contamination; they can also be considered for the onstream
isolation of equipment if the fluid is flammable or hazardous, or if the liquid is in
high-pressure or high-temperature service.

Application of Double
Block and Bleed Valve

DBB valves are used where critical sealing is necessary to make sure no leakage
occurs. Double Block and Bleed Valves from Oliver Valves can replace existing
conventional techniques employed by pipeline engineers to generate a double
block and bleed configuration in the pipeline. DBB valves can operate in various
applications and industries, such as the Natural Gas, petrochemical, industrial
processes for natural gas, main-line and multi-purpose valves in liquid pipelines,
etc. The use of the DBB valve in many applications and industries has a
significant benefit, especially in emergency scenarios.

Why Choose Oliver

Oliver Valves Pioneered the first Double Block & Bleed valve. The original
manufactured DBB Valve being over 25 years old and over 500,000 sold

Key Selling Points of our DBB Valves:

Our compact design saves weight, space and reduces costly installation
charges, rest assured, all valves from Oliver Valves are designed and tested
within the requirements of API 6D, API6A, ASME B16.34, API 598 and ASME VIII.
We eliminate space when compared with welding or bolting three individual
valves together.
We save direct labour and reduce costs of site installation
We have significantly reduced leakage paths – a huge benefit as fugitive
emissions are so important (Qualified to ISO15848 part1)
We only have one component to be ordered, therefore reducing inventory and
site confusion

  • Reduced bending movement due to compact design negates the need for
    additional structural support – giving you weight and cost-saving.
    We can bring the pressure instrument closer to measurement, thus saving
    space which is most important on skid mounting applications or packages.
  • A unique numbering system on each valve oers full component traceability.
  • Material certification to BS EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2
  • DBB valves from Oliver Valves are designed to oer one valve solution,
    available in most sizes to fit in the same space as a single ball valve (ASME
    B16.10 overall length) or with the shortest possible face to face dimension. This
    allows for true double isolation with maximum safety and reducing process
    problems due to valve leakage.

Benefits of the Oliver
Double Block and Bleed

By strategically incorporating DBB Valves into a process
system, you increase system integrity and reduce

The key benefits of a DBB valve are:
• DBB concept reduces weight up to 75%
• DBB concept reduces cost by over 30%
• DBB concept reduces space
• DBB concept reduces leak paths
• DBB concept increases safety

Safety Benefits

  • Upset forging for the body provides strength.
  • 1st Isolate to ASME VIII class
  • Designed and Tested to the latest standards of Firesafe, NACE,
  • Anti-blowout spindle
  • Low Torque design up to 15k psi

Assurance Benefits

  • Full traceability of all materials, offering Material certification to
  • BS EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2
  • Unique serial numbers
  • 100’s of thousands installed and approved by Oil and Gas
  • Operators worldwide.
  • Please contact our sales team for references.

If you would like more information regarding our DBB valves,
please contact Oliver Valves today!