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Oliver Valves Ltd. Donated 130 evenly sized, good quality boxes, to a local charity, Cre8. On Christmas Eve 2019 Cre8 donated unwanted foods from supermarkets to those individuals and families who were in need. The donated boxes from Oliver Valves allowed for a more even distribution of products and gave the charity an opportunity to make more hampers than originally planned, thus, delivering to more houses than expected, an amazing 124 households. “We are very grateful to Oliver's for providing them”

Following the £1million investment into the Research & Development, Oliver Valves have secured 3 units on the expansion of the Parkgate Industrial Estate project.

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The Knutsford Guardian has written an article following the securing of an order for 400 valves in a subsea project.

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Oliver Valves are pleased to unveil their new display valve, a 12" 2500 class Double Block and Bleed Twinsafe Valve, outside their new state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre.

Oliver Twinsafe’s DBB valves are used as part of a project for Maersk’s Tyra field, delivering innovative valve solutions for use in the Danish North Sea.

This year, Oliver’s and staff have collected an amazing 330 Selection Boxes for the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, smashing last year’s total of 250!

Together with sponsoring the departure day at Manchester Airport, the Knutsford-based manufacturer provided a donation to the local charity behind the bi-annual trip, Destination Florida.

Paul Shillito, our engineering director at Oliver Valves, looks at cartridge-style double block and bleed valves and their benefits in pipeline isolation applications.

In the final part of the series, Paul Shillito, engineering director at Oliver Valves, looks at the importance of testing when it comes to reliability.

In the second of a three-part series, Paul Shillito, engineering director at Oliver Valves, looks at how to avoid hydrogen-induced stress cracking in subsea valves.