The Oliver Boxes Ready for Packing
The Oliver Boxes Ready for Packing

Cre8, a charity located in Moss Rose, Macclesfield, work to help individuals and families break free from situations such as poor health and unemployment, holding them back. Cre8’s vision of building friendships and wholesome communities by treating each other with care and respect will encourage young people to build themselves towards a brighter future. Cre8 began in 2005 as an initiative of Churches Together and in 2011 Cre8 finally became an independent charity. They run activities and services for children and young people, and also run two social enterprise businesses that employ young adults doing gardening and grounds maintenance work. Their work is now part of the community outreach of St Barnabas Church and a number of their organised activities and events take place on its premises.

Oliver Valves have supported Cre8 since 2016, and even provided them very generously with a mini bus, which we are told is very well used. Oliver’s is very proud to call Cre8 their partners. In December 2019, Cre8, collected and distributed unwanted food from supermarkets, retailers, schools, charities and individuals, and instead of it going to waste, gave it to those in need at Christmas. When Oliver Valves Ltd. heard of the event they were keen to support the project and thought about how much easier it would make the assembly of the hampers if Cre8 had evenly sized, good quality boxes, allowing them to fairly distribute and deliver the hampers to their chosen destinations. The 70 volunteers found that with the boxes they were able to distribute so many more hampers than originally planned. As Katy Wardle, the Project Grow Coordinator at Cre8 states:

“The boxes meant we weren’t scrambling around for small donations of bags and boxes and really helped the packing teams to ensure the hampers were consistent and fair with the produce we had. We are very grateful to Oliver’s for providing them.”
Boxes Ready to Go
The Boxes Ready to Go

Volunteers remember the night as having a real Christmas spirit, whilst delivering to 124 households, a fantastic way to spend your Christmas Eve whilst bringing Christmas joy to an estimated 400 individuals. These are some of the comments they received back from the thankful recipients:

“You’ve given us a Christmas we all thought we would never have.”
“We just have a loaf of bread, some milk and butter that is all. No Christmas meal or anything… oh really thank you so much! Merry Christmas.”

As a result of the charities experiences with The Big Give in the last 3 years they managed to start The Grocery in July 2019, which is open weekly to give those who need it access to fresh food. Over the past couple of years the charity have been inundated with the public approaching them and asking for food, and with their experiences in youth work they realised that young people aren’t getting the food they need for health development. Katy Wardle, who now runs the Grocery and organises events such as The Big Give, realised that all the food going to waste in their town can be given to those asking for help, whether that be verbally or silently.  

Cre8 continue to help those individuals and families in the community all year round, and Oliver Valves Ltd will be there to support them for the incredible work they continue to do for their community.