Oliver Valvetek’s New 3/8” Bore Rotary Disc Valve

Oliver Valvetek's New 3/8" Rotary Valve
Oliver Valvetek's New 3/8" Rotary Valve

Our new Research and Development centre have been busy developing a new product for Oliver Valvetek who design and manufacture subsea valves for oil and gas applications. Our 3/8” Bore Rotary Disc Valve, combines needle valve style inline operation with gate valve sealing technology. This results in a compact and reliable alternative to a conventional needle valve. Its high torque to damage value makes it perfectly suitable for sub-sea operations via Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) on both subsea tree and manifold isolation applications.

This new, independent 3rd party approved product has a working pressure of 15,000 psi (1034 Bar), yet has been qualified with a seat pressure of 16,500 psi (1138 bar).  The Rotary Disc Valve has an operable temperature range of -29°C to 177°C (-20°F to 350°F) and a non-operable temperature range of -46°C to 177°C (-50°F to 350°F). Our products are rigorously tested in-house in order to simulate in service conditions and meet customer and end user qualification requirements. This valve is no exception and as well as the 1200 cycles performed during the qualification, known historic industry issues such as trapped pressure and locked bore scenarios have been addressed in the design.

Our R&D department have completed a 30 increment stepwise seat test in both upstream and downstream directions. Like most of our Oliver Valvetek subsea products the rotary valve is capable of operation at 10,000ft (3048m) water depth. Product performance at this depth was determined through in-house hyperbaric testing. The API 6A, API 17D second edition qualified valve is available in FF (& HH) material, stainless sour gas and oil trim, primarily for when CO2 exceeds the HS2 content. Furthermore, with this material it is intended to provide resistance to the metal loss type of corrosion usually associated with CO2.  The rotary also has Dual Polymer stem seals that are independently qualified.

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