Oliver Valves Support Local Charity At Christmas

This year, Oliver’s and staff have collected an amazing 330 Selection Boxes for the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, smashing last year’s total of 250!

CAFT is a 17th century Farmhouse set in the heart of the Cheshire Countryside, created to help terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children in the North West. With its surrounding 10 acres of land, it is the perfect place for deserving children of all abilities to play, laugh and simply enjoy being children. CAFT host around 40 Christmas parties for 1600 children between the 18th November and the 19th December.

Their aim is to give each child a Selection Box when they leave, and even send on a Selection Box to those who can’t be at the party.

I know CAFT were amazed and delighted with the donations - Quote: “330 Selection Boxes!! Oh my word - that’s amazing!!!”, so a huge thanks to everyone who took the time out to give.