Rotary Gate Valves

Small bore Subsea Rotary Valves are used where metal to metal and non elastomeric sealing is required on applications such as chemical injection lines on Christmas trees and manifold structures. In addition, a quarter turn operation is required for position indication purposes.

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Oliver Valvetek provide a range of small bore rotary subsea gate valves in bodies with flanged, threaded and welded end connections to suit all applications.
The rotary valves typically have low operational torques, but high torques to damage. The added benefit of these products, is if the valves are over-torqued and shear the end stops, they will continue to rotate without damaging the internals.

The small bore subsea rotary valves are qualified at different pressure ratings up to 15,000psi [1034 bar] and 16,500 PSI [1138 BAR] – 1.65 X CWP seat test was also conducted (if system is rated at 10,000 psi).

Rotary Gate Valves are suitable for water depths to 3050m (10,000ft). Qualification testing is performed to the exacting standards of API 6A Appendix F PR2 and 17D 2nd Ed (Operable temperature range: -20F [-29C] to +350F [+177C] with non-operable temperature range: -50F [-46C] to +350F [+177C]

Key Rotary Gate Valve Features:

Position Indication

The Oliver Valvetek manual rotary gate valves are operated through a quarter (90degrees) turn. This provides the end user with a simple visual indication to the ROV operator of the valve position.

Over-Torque Protection

The quarter turn operation means that if the valve is over torqued to a point where the end stops fail, the valve will simply continue to open and close. The valve can then be positioned in the open or closed position without any damage to the valve internals.

Low Operating Torque

Oliver Valvetek has managed to achieve a low operating torque at full differential pressure by utilising fine controls on the spindle to bonnet bearing interface.

Panel Mountable

Oliver Valvetek can provide the end-user and operator with a varied and comprehensive range of both operators and receptacles that are easily configurable to the designers ROV panel.

U shaped flow passage through valve

The unique design of the flow passage through the Oliver Valvetek rotary gate valve minimises the potential flow losses. Flow tested to provide the end user with accurate flow coefficients.

Subsea Rotary Gate Valve Design Specifications

  •     Valve designed in accordance with API 6A/ISO 10423 and API 17D/ISO13628-4
  •     Quarter Turn (90 degree) Operation
  •     Metal to Metal Rotor Disc to Seat Sealing.
  •     Metal to Metal Body to Bonnet Sealing.
  •     Double and Independent Stem Sealing.
  •     30 year Design Life

In-House Qualification Testing

  •     API 6A 20th PR2 + API 17D 2nd Table 3

Design Features

  •     Proven Destec Metal to Metal Body to Bonnet Sealing Arrangement.
  •     Designed and tested to take full differential pressures from outside to in (10,000 ft hyperbaric conditions) and from inside to out (18,750psi shell test conditions).
  •     Sealing technology in a number of qualified Oliver Valvetek products.
Rotary Gate Valve Specifications
Bore Size 0.50 inch (12.7 mm)
Design Pressure Up to 15,000psi (1034 bar)
Design Temperature API 6A Class PX - 20F (-29C) to +300F (150C)
Water Depth 10,000ft (3050m)
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