Trunnion Ball Valves - how do they work?
20 Sep 2021

Trunnion Ball Valve – How They Work?

Trunnion mounted ball valves are used in high-pressure, large-scale applications where low operating torques are required. This type of valve features a Full or Reduced Bore Ball in the centre that rotates to start or stop medias from flowing. The trunnion part of the valve allows for the ball to be supported from the both top and bottom, to assist with the absorption of pressure, ensuring superior sealing with ease of operation.

Thanks to the versatility of Trunnion mounted ball valves, they are useful in many industries, especially where the application requires no obstructions in the line and immediate shut-off.

At Oliver Twinsafe, we are dedicated to the development of new and existing products. The team works efficiently to deliver bespoke valve solutions and equipment for various projects.

Where is Trunnion Ball Valve Used?

Trunnion ball valves are incredibly versatile; they are used in different industries because of their reliable and efficient nature. The Oliver Twinsafe Trunnion Ball Valve can be specified into two different types, a Single Piece Body Compact Design and a Flanged 3 Piece Design. The pipeline ball valves are used within applications to increase safety, save space and weight, reduce leak paths and minimise maintenance.

Trunnion Ball Valves can also be used within various applications, such as main flow line isolation applications, turbine, compressor, generators and separators, field gas, polymer, crude oil and industrial gas processing plants, automated process applications, hydrocarbon processing, and oil refinery feedstock lines.

Trunnion Ball Valve Advantages

As Trunnion Ball Valves are used within a multitude of applications and industries, there are many advantages to their usage.

  • Low Torque. A Trunnion Ball Valve uses a Trunnion to support the ball within the valve body. This absorbs the thrust from the line pressure, preventing excess friction between the ball and seats, meaning that the working pressure torque remains low.
  • The design is typically quarter turn operation via a handwheel gearbox, but they can also be supplied with actuators to suit the customer’s specific closure demands.
  • Large Application. The Trunnion Ball Valve is suitable for high pressure, middle pressure and low-pressure rating. This type of valve is suitable for oil, gas, water and more, Trunnion Ball Valves tend to be built by more specialised manufacturers.
  • Reliable stem sealing. Besides the standard sealing ring, the packing gland on a Trunnion Ball Valve is also equipped with O-ring. Double sealing ensures reliability of stem sealing and by adding graphite packing we guarantee that the sealing capabilities remain in place, even after a fire case scenario. All valves are fire tested to recognised industry standards such as API 607, ISO 10497 and API 6FA.
  • Full port and reduce port: Full port and reduce port can be chosen based on requirements of the customer application and flow needs. The aperture of full port valves is consistent with the inner diameter of the pipeline, which makes it convenient for routine pipeline maintenance and pigging.
  • Extended stems are available to allow the valve to operate in low temperature applications or when the valves are in a location that requires extended stems. The dimensions of the increased stem can be made to meet customers’ requirements.
  • Easy operation: Seat and bearing on the stem have low friction coefficient and good self-lubrication, which dramatically reduces operation valves. Without sealing grease, Trunnion Ball Valves can also be operated efficiently for the long term.

We are specialists when it comes to the design and manufacturing of Trunnion Ball Valves.

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