Air Headers & Distribution Manifolds

Air headers are designed for use with air only. Distribution manifolds can be used on various applications. At Oliver Valves, we supply them with several lockable ball valves on opposite sides, right side or left side, only to prevent unauthorised access.

Air Manifolds are configured for accommodating various outlet valves, the inlet connection can have a variety of end connections. Air Headers are a substitute for multiple valve assemblies, which normally operates from one originating point.

Air Headers and Distribution Manifolds from Oliver Valves are widely used in various application industries and have numerous applications within oil and gas, marine and shipping, chemical, petroleum and other process industries.

The aim of Air Headers and Distribution Manifolds is to provide customisation to the client for the best possible outcome and application, our solutions have the ability to suit the individual system perfectly.

Oliver Valves Air Headers and Distribution Manifolds:

  • Low-Pressure Air Header (AH)

Oliver Valves’ low-pressure Air Headers fulfil the need for a manifold explicitly designed for this pressure range, manufactured from a specially extruded section in 316 stainless or carbon steel. Built with high-grade materials and used globally, Oliver Valves’ Air Headers have been used internationally in small and large projects.

  • High-Pressure Distribution Manifold (DM)

Oliver Valves’ high-pressure Distribution Manifolds fulfil the need for a specific manifold working at instrument pressures. Our High-Pressure distribution manifolds are designed in conjunction with specific customers’ requirements and are suitable for applications on both small-scale and large-scale projects.

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At Oliver Valves, each project we have worked on during distribution and design had specific requirements, therefore we take into account the design requirements and pressure needs of the application. As one of the leading Global manufacturers within the industry for Air Headers and Distribution Manifolds, the Oliver Valves team consistently keep national and international standards in mind.

If you would like more information about the Air Headers and Distribution Manifolds we supply, please contact Oliver Valves today.

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