Subsea Ball Valves

Subsea Ball Valves are developed for endurance with long term reliability in mind and at Oliver Valvetek, our subsea ball valves are designed by a highly experienced team of professionals. Subsea Ball Valves provide a soft seating quarter-turn isolation solution for many different applications. They are commonly used to isolate or divert hydraulic and chemical fluids associated with subsea oil and gas production systems.

Oliver Valvetek manufactures a range of ‘small bore’ subsea ball valves, from 10mm bore to 20mm bore; operating pressure rating up to 10,000psi for floating ball valves, and 15,000 PSI for trunnion-mounted ball valves. The valves we design and manufacture have an operating temperature range, dependant on sealing materials, of -18C to +121C and a typical water depth rating of up to 3050m.

Oliver Valvetek offers two different types of Subsea Ball Valves

  • Floating ball
  • Trunnion mounted ball

Subsea Ball valves are typically used in subsea control systems and in contact with either hydraulic control lines or possible wellbore fluids. They are used to control the operation of larger subsea equipment, subsea distribution systems, UTA’s and control systems.

The subsea ball valves from Oliver Valvetek typically are designed to have a low operational torque but a high Torque To Damage.

Like our other subsea valve range, the subsea ball valve is designed as an individual element, modular design processes to allow the element to be applied to an array of bespoke manifolds and configurations.

Different configurations of Subsea Ball Valves

  • Threaded, welded and flanged
  • Single isolate
  • Double block and bleed
  • Multi-valve manifolds
  • Manual and ROV operable
  • Double barrier Stem and Metal Body Seals
  • 316 Stainless Steel and CRA materials of construction

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All the process wetted components which are either pressure containing or pressure controlling within an Oliver Valvetek subsea ball valve have material traceability. The complete ball valves are individually serialised and are provided with material and pressure test certificates to BS EN 10204 3.1 certifications. Optional EN 10204 with the intent of a 3.2 type certification option is also readily available.

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