Subsea High Pressure and High Temperature Valves

As the demands and challenges for oil and gas exploration increase and the advancement of technology push the boundaries of reservoir recovery, Oliver Valvetek has developed a range of Needle and Gate Valves for High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) applications for this specialist and highly technical environment.

Oliver Valvetek manufactures a range of ‘small bore’ subsea needle valves with a 7.6mm bore. Subsea needle valves typically have an operating pressure rating up to 20,000psi and an operating temperature range of -29C to +204C, and the typical water depth rating up to 10,000ft or 3050m.

Subsea HPHT Needle Valves are commonly used to provide a metal to metal seating isolation solution without resorting to the more complex and expensive Gate Valves.

Oliver Valvetek provides the range of small-bore HPHT Needle Valves in bodies with either block or panel mount configurations using flanged, threaded and welded end connections to suit all applications.

Oliver Valvetek HPHT Needle Valves have been qualified to API 6A Appendix F PR2 and 17D 2nd Ed and where requested customer-specific qualification programs that further enhance the product’s operational data and performance.

Subsea Hydraulically Actuated Subsea HPHT Gate Valves provide the user with a low flow restriction metal to metal seat sealing isolation for applications such as chemical injection lines on HPHT Christmas trees and HPHT manifold structures.

The Oliver Valvetek HPHT hydraulic gate valve range of through conduit slab gate valves is provided with hydraulically actuated (fail close) operation. The actuator is a coil spring demountable design.

The gate and seat sealing faces used within the valves utilise fully Qualified Tungsten Carbide hard facing technology to provide gas-tight sealing. The small-bore subsea gate valves are qualified at pressure ratings up to 1380bar (20,000psi).

In-house Research and Development facilities allow for Qualification testing for HPHT Gate Valves, be conducted to the exacting standards of API 6A Appendix F PR2 and 17D 2nd Ed. Independent Primary and Secondary Gland Seal Validation – 600 Hydraulic Cycles. The compact hydraulic actuator design can be supplied for a water depth down to 3,050m (10,000ft). The qualified temperature for HPHT Gate Valves is -29°C to +155°C (-20°F to 311°F)

All HPHT Valves are supplied in Exotic Alloys to meet the extreme pressures and temperatures and Oliver Valvetek uses either UNS N06625, UNS N07725, UNSN09925 or UNS N07718 in our HPHT valve construction.

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If you have an application that demands only the best in class and at the extremes of Subsea production technology, do not hesitate to contact a member of the Oliver Valvetek team.

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