Hydrogen Fuel Valves

Hydrogen Fuel Valve Experts

Hydrogen fuel  systems require safe, reliable, and high performing valves. Oliver Hydcovalves are innovating the next-generation of valve technology specifically engineered for the renewable energy and industrial processing sectors.

Oliver Hydcovalves is an industry-leading company that harnesses over forty years of valve technology, development and expertise. We design and manufacture precision valves for hydrogen and carbon capture applications and are committed to delivering solutions as part of the global ambition to reach net zero emissions.

 Explore our 5 Hydrogen Valve Solutions:

Next-Generation Valves for Hydrogen

Our dedicated UK Research & Development Centre includes a metallurgy department. This in-house facility enables us to undertake world-leading qualification testing, and rigorous material analysis to meet international standards.

Valve innovation is a key part of our R&D success, with advancements in AI, testing equipment, mechanical engineering, and technology, we’re now manufacturing next generation valves designed for green energy and industrial processing.

Customised Valve Solutions for Hydrogen

Third-party test certification from TÜV SÜD using 99.9% hydrogen has enabled us to extend our valve proposition for hydrogen and carbon capture applications. Our customised approach has earned us a reputation for supplying best-in-class valve solutions for Topside, Subsea, Instrumentation, and now Renewable Energy.

Nick Howard, Market Development Director

Dedicated Projects Team

Projects are often technically challenging and have complex material requirements and configurations for Hydrogen and Carbon Capture applications. For the best advice and guidance, discuss your requirements with our technical sales engineers.

Lewis Porter, Business Development Manager

Our Guidance on Hydrogen

Hydrogen, being a volatile gas, poses substantial risks to the integrity of materials. Selecting appropriate materials becomes crucial to ensure optimal valve performance. Hydrogen embrittlement, a phenomenon where hydrogen atoms infiltrate the metal lattice, leading to brittleness and cracking, presents significant safety..

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