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24 Sep 2021

Opportunities In A Green Economy – Oliver Hydcovalves. On A Mission To Penetrate Emerging Markets.

As every day passes, the newly formed Oliver Hydcovalves team understands more and more about the market, business expectations, and opportunities we can expect from a more “Sustainable Future”.

We aim to maintain a clear objective to reduce carbon emissions globally. Our market research shows that we had already played a significant part in the building of infrastructure when Valvetek recently secured its first order for products utilised as a part of the Northern Lights carbon capture and storage project, outlined in the image above.

Hydrogen and potentially Ammonia are seen as key, high-density energy alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. Production, storage, transportation and utilisation of both gas and liquid phases of these media are seen as ideal targets for Oliver Hydcovalves technology.

100,000 valve operations! It sounds like a lot, and compared to previous Oliver Valves endurance tests, it is; however, this is just the entry-level qualification for a new market that Oliver Hydcovalves will be targeting.

The development of a hydrogen infrastructure, including fuelling stations for high energy dependent vehicles, is forecast to be an integral part of the global objective to reduce carbon emissions and a sector expected to grow rapidly over the next five years.

To gain entry into this new sector, Oliver Hydcovalves will be developing a bespoke 10mm PEEK seated ball valve to meet the requirements of the fuelling station standard  ISO19880-3:2018. The qualification test will consist of over 100 000 operations at a pressure of 10,000psi with 1000 cycles at maximum temperature and 1000 cycles at minimum temperature. For our in-house testing, Helium will be used as the test media due to its inert nature and molecular similarities with Hydrogen.

Although the development of pipeline safety standards for CO2 transport continues, public fears over large-scale emissions from such pipelines will undoubtedly lead to stringent safety requirements.

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