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Oliver Valves Ltd, Oliver Valvetek Ltd and Oliver Twinsafe Ltd are world leaders in Instrumentation, Subsea and Pipeline valves, along with our newly established company for the hydrogen and carbon capture market, Oliver Hydcovalves Ltd.

Michael Oliver established Oliver Valves over 40 years ago and Mark Oliver established Oliver Twinsafe Valves over twenty years ago. Today the four companies design and produce a range of precision-quality valve solutions to meet the needs of ever-demanding applications

Oliver Valves Ltd is the leading premier instrumentation valve manufacturer, with a worldwide reputation and trusted by thousands of companies. Oliver Valves has an extensive product range that offers both needle and ball valves to 24,500 psi and needle valve manifolds and Double Block and Bleed valves. Our variety of monoflanges, slimline monoflanges, Double Block & Bleed valves, injection valves, sampling valves, distribution manifolds and instrumentation products complete our range.
Registered Company Number 01421817 (VAT Number: 305951366)

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Oliver Twinsafe Valves Ltd offers an established range of Double Block and Bleed (DBB) large bore pipeline valves engineered to minimise space and weight, effectively reduce potential leak paths and reduce maintenance requirements on both new and existing pipelines. These valves offer a single pipeline valve solution for companies operating in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries worldwide. From 1” to 18” ball sizes, soft seated and metal seated to leak rate A and to API / ASME standards.
Registered Company Number 04011572 (VAT Number: 785829956)

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Oliver Valvetek Ltd is multi-award winning and specialises in small bore subsea valve products, including deepwater hydraulically actuated gate valves, manually actuated gate valves with optional position indication half turn gate valves, ball valves and needle valves. Oliver Valvetek is experienced in providing extensive field-proven flexible subsea valves for oil and gas applications from extraction through to processing.
Registered Company Number 02938776 (VAT Number: 616329837)

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Oliver Hydcovalves Ltd is our newly established company targeting the hydrogen and carbon capture market, as the world strives to achieve net zero emissions. Products include needle valve manifolds, gauge valve manifolds, ball valves up to 1”, Double Block and Bleed valves, monoflange and slimline monoflange valves, plus piping valves up to 8” bore size.
Registered Company Number 13380414

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Reliability Under Pressure

As oil and gas become increasingly difficult to extract, engineers at the Oliver family of companies are faced with ever-changing criteria in the design and manufacture of their valve products to satisfy service in some of the most extreme environments known to man.

Engineering Through Innovation

Recognised worldwide for superior quality and precision engineering, the Oliver family of companies are renowned for reliability and consistent performance. With a wide global presence, our offices are located in all major oil and gas countries. We continuously work with existing and new clients to develop custom valve solutions of all sizes.
Our companies adopt a technical project approach, where necessary, to ensure that we can develop valves that adhere to the strictest quality and safety guidelines while fitting into our client’s existing project plans. To date, Oliver Valves, Oliver Valvetek, Oliver Twinsafe and Oliver Hydcovalves have worked alongside some of the largest international Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects in the world.

& Values

Our Vision

At Oliver Valves, our vision is for our people to create a positive change with valve solutions in the global energy business.

Our Mission


To keep our company as risk-free as possible in our every business decision.


When we commit to our colleagues, our customers, or our suppliers, we deliver on that commitment. We must not let people down. Remember, “it can be done.”


To build strong relationships, built on trust and respect for all our team members, customers and suppliers. Praise is positive.


The future is here now. Change is constant. Embrace new ideas and ways of operation.


Everyone tries hard. But we can improve every day. Let’s keep stretching our business and ourselves. It is said “pursuing is the reason for living.”

Our Values

At Oliver Valves, our values drive our team to be the best and are at the heart of everything we do:


There is one team…the Oliver team.


Trust and respect one another.


Do our very best, always.


Support one another and praise more than criticise.


Ask more than tell and share knowledge so it can be used.


Enjoy work and celebrate success.

These are the things we have got to do well every day

Key People

Dr. Michael R Oliver, OBE, DL, Chairman of Oliver Valves

Dr. Michael R Oliver

OBE, DL, Chairman
Mr. Mark Oliver, Deputy Chairman of Oliver Valves

Mr. Mark Oliver

Deputy Chairman
Mr. Tony Goodwin, Managing Director of Oliver Valves

Mr. Tony Goodwin

Managing Director
Mr. Paul Rowlands, Financial Director of Oliver Valves

Mr. Paul Rowlands

Financial Director
Mr. Paul Shillito, Technical Director of Oliver Valves

Mr. Paul Shillito

Technical Director
Mr. Nicholas Howard, Technical Director of Oliver Valves

Mr. Nicholas Howard

Engineering Director

Staff Testimonials

Martin Orme, Internal Sales Engineer at Oliver Valves

Martin Orme Internal Sales Engineer, Oliver Valves

Martin joined the Oliver companies 16 years ago when he inquired about vacant roles on a whim. With no experience in the industry but with bags of enthusiasm, he was placed in the Oliver Valvetek stores. Martin’s drive and initiative was quickly recognised when he would spend his free time across weekends dealing with various administrative tasks for the company.

Recruited into the Sales Department, Martin was soon to embark on a huge learning curve as he was made responsible for handling sales across the Far East after just four months of training. After four years in this role, Oliver opened its Malaysia sales office and Martin was asked to use his expertise to manage sales across North England and Europe.

Martin has proudly grown one of Oliver’s largest accounts over the last three years thanks to his natural charisma, determination and dedication to the company.

“Oliver’s is a real family, offering a great support system. Speaking as someone who started with no experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, the knowledge and professional growth I’ve gained here has been invaluable.”

Richard Ware, Goods-in Inspector at Oliver Valves

Richard Ware, Goods-in Inspector, Oliver Valves

I joined Oliver Valves on 14th April 2005. In the first few months, I started on needle valves on the shop floor and then moved into the goods receipt area within a year. I check all parts received as well as checking certification. 

During the last 16 years, I have become responsible for PMI (positive material identification), raw material stores, cycle counts, liquid and general waste and assist with customers/QA audits.  In my role at Oliver Valves, I work with many departments which include Sales, Purchasing, Engineering, Documentation and Distribution.
“Every day is different and I enjoy working at Oliver’s. I look forward to the future and new challenges with great support from my colleagues.”

Paul Headen, Supply Manager of Oliver Valvetek

Paul Headen, Supply Manager, Oliver Valvetek

Paul joined the business originally in 2008 as a project manager and became a key player in the growth of Oliver Twinsafe Valves as Supply Manager. His career took him elsewhere in 2015 but he returned in 2019 to take the helm in Oliver Valvetek as Supply Manager where he continues to develop and grow the business.

“Working for a company that allows me to operate with autonomy enables me to develop my knowledge and interpersonal skills within my role. As part of a family-run business, you feel the full support of everyone in the business. If needs must, everyone from the owner down will get involved to find solutions and progress issues to a positive conclusion. The business itself is a great model for other businesses to follow who wish to be seen as the best of British.”

Steve Williams, Key Accounts Manager at Oliver Valvetek

Steve Williams, Key Accounts Manager, Oliver Valvetek

Steve Williams joined the Oliver Family of companies in 1991.  Steve’s background in Aerospace Engineering attracted him to join the Oliver family and over the past 30 years has held roles in Research & Development, Project Sales, Quality Manager for the 3 companies, General Manager for Valvetek and currently, over the last 5 years, as Oliver Valvetek Subsea Key Account Management.

Steve previously implemented the companies Quality Management and Quality Control ISO9001 systems to accommodate for the different business product and customer requirements. This made the three businesses world and market leading in supplying Quality and reliable valve products. He has also previously worked on overseas sourcing initiatives, including working on Supply chain Quality control and Assurance development in India and Italy. 

Steve’s current role as Key Account Manager is allowing him to work with all the major Subsea production companies and end users on valve standardisation programs and process/product rationalisation. His knowledge both technically and commercially, alongside his experience in Quality Management, is changing customers approaches to business partnerships, product design and importantly removing inherent non-value-added costs.

“If someone had asked me 30 years ago, what would I be doing now I seriously would not have predicted my career progression. We say that Oliver is a Family and it is just that in every sense of the word. What gets me out of bed every day? Every day I learn something new, technologies are always advancing, customer partnerships constantly evolve and to be the best of the best, you have to be always at the top of your Industry. Oliver’s is just that.”

Alex Green, Production Operative at Oliver Twinsafe Valves

Alex Green, Production Operative, Oliver Twinsafe Valves

Alex joined Oliver Twinsafe four years ago with no previous experience in the industry or in engineering. Through hard work, enthusiasm, and applying himself thoroughly to tasks given to him his potential was noticed by our Chairman, Michael Oliver, who offered him the opportunity to take an Engineering apprenticeship sponsored by the Company. Three years later Alex has successfully completed his apprenticeship and is very keen to build on this to allow him to progress within the business.

During his time at Oliver Twinsafe, Alex has worked in the goods-in department, stores and stock control, non-destructive testing, and more recently on valve production.

“I really appreciate the opportunity and support given to me by Oliver’s and the people working around me. Having spent time in various departments, my understanding and knowledge of the workings of the business continues to increase, and I look forward to progressing, by learning new skills and developing my role further.”


Quality Standards & Certificates

We are extremely proud of our product and level of customer service, together with our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, our state-of-the-art computerised ERP and our highly trained and passionate workforce; we consistently achieve industry-leading HS&E, quality and delivery performance, which is often at 100%.

By forming strong relationships built on trust and respect for all our highly valued and respected team members, customers and suppliers, we seek continual feedback to strive for continual improvement. It is not unusual for us to enter into Supply Agreements and Strategic Stocking Programmes for mutual benefit, which increases product quality while reducing costs and lead times.

We are highly experienced with pre-production meetings and project management and actively encourage customer engagement. This has resulted in several industry-respected awards, the most recent being a Supplier Partnership Award with a leading subsea tree and manifold manufacturer in recognition of our innovation, standardisation and excellence in class.

With a large number of Oliver facilities and personnel strategically located throughout the globe, you can be assured of a truly professional and highly personal level of customer service.

By contacting us at the early stages of a project, we can draw on our vast experience and bring technical and commercial know-how into the equation.

In many instances, this has saved the contractor or end-user practical design and construction time, leading to obtaining oil or gas much sooner and achieving a far quicker return on their investment.

During August 2020, Oliver Valves Ltd, Oliver Valvetek Ltd, Oliver Twinsafe Valves Ltd all underwent ISO 9001:2015 recertification audits and were recommended for continued approval by our certification body (Lloyd’s Register).

In addition to the ISO certification, Oliver Valves has also achieved approval for the American Petroleum Institute (API) Q1 Quality Management System as well as API 6A product specification.

Global Vendor Approvals

Oliver Valves Ltd, Oliver Valvetek Ltd and Oliver Twinsafe Valves Ltd have built up the following global end-user approvals as a family of companies over the last 41 years. In many cases, we have become the valve brand of choice for instrumentation, piping and subsea valves with many major end-user operators, as can be seen.

Please also see our project supply list for our instrumentation solutions (Oliver Valves Ltd), piping solutions (Oliver Twinsafe Valves Ltd) and subsea solutions (Oliver Valvetek Ltd).