DBB Pipeline Ball Valves

DBB Pipeline Ball Valves

Oliver Twinsafe produces a range of Trunnion Ball and Floating Double Block and Bleed Valves. We offer true double isolation with two independent ball valves contained in one valve body, guaranteeing absolute shut-off and maximising the safe operation of any processing facility.

Product Information

  • Modular Double Block and Bleed valves from Oliver Twinsafe are designed to offer one valve solution, available in most sizes to fit in the same space as a single ball valve or with the shortest possible face-to-face dimension. This compact design saves weight and space and reduces costly installation charges, whilst providing true double isolation for maximum safety and reduced process problems due to valve leakage.

    The key benefits of the Oliver Twinsafe Valves are:

    • Space-saving – ability to replace single isolate valves with a true double block and bleed valve, but within the same overall length, ensuring that expensive pipework modifications are kept to an absolute minimum.
    • Weight-saving – compared to a conventional Double Block and Bleed hook up of two separate ball valves with a central spool piece and vent valve, weight savings can be over 50%.
    • Increased Safety – compared to a conventional Double Block and Bleed arrangement using separate valves, the number of potential leak points is greatly reduced.
    • Cost-saving – fewer items to purchase and expedite means overall cost savings, plus lower installation and maintenance costs.

Product Enquiry

If you would like more information regarding our needle valves, please fill out the form below, or contact us directly on +44 (0) 1565 632 636 or sales@valves.co.uk.

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