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Subsea Relief Valves

The Oliver Valvetek, Subsea Relief Valves, have a cracking pressure of 10 psi to 20 psi and a reverse sealing pressure Test (hyperbaric) of up to 5,000psi. Our relief valves are widely regarded as an industry standard when it comes to protecting hydraulically actuated gate valves in the unlikely event of a primary and secondary stem seal being compromised.

Oliver Valvetek’s Subsea Relief Valves are widely used on hydraulically actuated gate valves to prevent leakage from gland seals entering actuators.

The fail close sprung poppet arrangements have been designed and flow tested to prevent pressure build-ups by relieving to the sea and closing to stop the seawater from entering.

The small-bore subsea relief valves can be supplied with a range of opening pressures and are suitable for water depths to 3050m (10,000ft). We are also able to work with customers to extend the standard 20 PSI cracking pressure where necessary.

Subsea Relief Valves

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Materials – Pressure relief valve, typical material of body construction being BS 970 316S11 stainless steel spindle material of 316 stainless steel. Other material options are available on request.
    Customised connections – A range of inlet connections based on the customer’s specific requirements.
    Hyperbaric tested – Oliver Valvetek relied valves have been evaluation tested to an equivalent water depth of 16,000ft [4877m].

    Certification for materials of wetted pressure-retaining parts (i.e. body and spindle) are traceable to original material certification to BS EN 10204 3.1 certification and optional EN 10204 with the intent of 3.2 type certification option is also readily available (EN 10204 3.2 true mill witnessed shall be assessed for availability upon request).

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