YV34 Needle Valve Manifold

The ‘YV34’ Type 3 valve manifolds are designed for direct mounting to differential pressure transmitters, with separate isolation for LP and HP inlets plus equalising valve for simple calibration.

Product Information

  • The YV34 type 3-valve manifold is standard with a non-rotating tip to allow linear closure while eliminating galling.

    Oliver Valves’ standard YV34 type 3-valve manifold valves are rated 413bar (6,000psi) but can be rated at 689bar (10,000psi). Standard Temperature range from 240 Deg C up to 540 Deg C.

    All NPT connection threads are Single Point CNC machined.

    All Oliver products have material traceability and pressure test certificates to BS EN 10204 3.1. A unique code is stamped on all valve bodies linking them to their material and chemical analysis certificates.

    Tips are ‘interchangeable’ without special tools or spindle changes in options of hard, soft and metering tips.

    Safety ‘“ spindles are ‘back seating’ and ‘anti-blowout’ as standard, a major safety feature that we have included within the design. Also, an ‘anti-removable’ steel pin is fitted into the manifold body to prevent the head unit from being removed inadvertently.

    Included is a dust cap that protects the lubricated spindle threads from ingress of dirt and is colour coded for particular services.

    Valve manifolds afford more efficient system operations in comparison to opening and closing each valve independently. For more information, get in touch with Oliver Valves today.

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