Double Block & Bleed

Precision Engineered Forged and Instrumentation Double Block and Bleed Valves

Our Double Block and Bleed Valves are the superior market leader with a range of different operating temperatures and configurations. Thanks to our 40 years of experience within the industry and expert knowledge, we can implement cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions to challenging applications.

The innovative design of our Forged and Instrumentation Double Block and Bleed Valves enables them to perform in both high and low temperatures pressures and with a wide variety of media. These valves can also perform efficiently in harsh operating conditions, including cryogenic, and are capable of meeting the specific needs of your system application.

Types of Forged and Instrumentation Double Block and Bleed Valves

  • D-Type Forged DBB
  • N-Type Forged DBB
  • F-Type Forged DBB
  • ID-Type Instrument DBB Valve
  • IN-Type Instrument DBB Valve
  • L-Type Instrument DBB Valve
  • T-Type Instrument DBB Valve

Benefits of Oliver Valves’ Double Block and Bleed Valves

  • Our bespoke design allows for the installation weight to be reduced from 33kg to 7kg, a weight reduction of 78%.
  • Cost reduction of a 30% saving over standard installation, which jumps up to 70% in the case of valves made from exotic materials for more exacting processes!
  • Cost-saving on-site as the cost of one factory tested component, combined with the cost to raise purchase orders and expediting department to chase the parts and then the shipping costs are larger and weightier, specs must all be taken into account, rises in cost can be 30% of the overall cost.
  • Material traceability on all DBB valves and pressure test certificates to BS EN 10204 3.1, a unique code is stamped on all valve bodies linking them to their material and chemical analysis certificates.

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