11 Aug 2022

6 Step Inspection Safeguards Highest Quality

At Oliver Valves we ensure that our valves are manufactured to the highest standard of quality. This involves putting specified valve components through a Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) Process.

Stephen Andrews, workshop operative, has been co-ordinating our LPI process for the past 4 years. He explains “there are 6 steps to our inspection process, with each component carefully handled throughout. The process is detailed and thorough, designed to identify any indications or discontinuities of the components. This safeguards against any from reaching the final production stage that doesn’t meet with Industry Standard API 6A & ASME VIII.”

Our short-animated video walks you through the following LPI Process:

1. Pre-clean
Components are pre-cleaned using a solvent cleaner and dried

2. Penetrant Solution Tank
Components are coated with a fluorescent solution and then allowed to stand

3. Wash Off
Excess fluorescent solution is removed from the surface

4. Drying Oven
Components are dried at temperature

5. Developer Unit
Components are coated with a developer for at least 10 minutes

6. Final Inspection & Post Clean
Components are inspected under UV light for indications and discontinuities. Components that don’t meet with Industry Standard API 6A & ASME VIII are removed.

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