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20 Years on Valves Has Flowed-by for Ian

Congratulations to Ian Townsend for his 20 years of service with Oliver Valves. Ian joined the business in 2002 and during his time has worked across the Oliver group of companies gaining a wealth of engineering experience on pipeline, sub-sea, hydrogen, and instrumentation valves for the Energy Sector.

Ian’s career continued to excel, and in 2009, he joined our Research & Development team where he worked on our very first Petrobras Qualification and is now responsible for processing critical test data. Seen by many as the linchpin of the R&D team, Ian plays a key role with customers, partners and colleagues, and has helped to grow the department from four staff to twelve. R&D Works Manager David Twigg compliments Ian’s achievement saying “Ian’s good nature, wit, and dedication to his work makes him a well-respected figure amongst his peers and I have personally worked with him for 12 years and consider him not just a colleague but a friend.”

We thank Ian for his loyal service and hard work, and we wish him well for the future – here’s to another 20 years!

[Ian is pictured receiving his special Rum Gift Set from the Oliver R&D Team] #olivervalves #valves #congratulations

If you’re interested in a career at Oliver Valves and in engineering, please visit our careers page on the website

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NEW Valve Operable at -50°C

slimline monoflange valve

Traditionally within LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plants, there are ‘cold service’ applications and cryogenic. Cold service is typically between -29degC (-20degF) and -50degC (-58degF). Valving for cold service do not require cryogenic bonnet extensions, however, they often require smaller extensions to allow for the application of lagging. Lagging types and thicknesses vary from project to project, and can be up to 50mm thick.

The reason for using a bonnet extension with lagged valves is to move the top of the bonnet outside the lagging. Should the valve ever develop a gland leak, the produced fluid will not be trapped within the lagging and cause corrosion issues.

  • Fugitive Emission Leak Rate B
  • 3rd Party Witnessed and Approved Qualification
  • Qualified Temperature Range -50°C to Ambient operable
  • Qualified in MESC SPE 77/300 Feb 2021
  • Qualified Pressure Class Range: 150:300:600: 900:1500:2500

Valves used on cold service are required to be operable at -50degC, that is, be able to be opened and closed and maintain leak tightness through the gland and across the seat at the valve design pressure.

Oliver Valves Limited Slimline monoflange block & bleed and double block & bleed assemblies, utilise an outside screw and yoke needle valve primary isolate and an inside screw and yoke type needle valves for a second isolate and bleed valve. For cold service applications, these can be supplied with extended bonnets. To validate the two types of needle valves with extended bonnets, Oliver have utilised the rigorous testing requirements called for within the Shell specification 77/300. Unlike some specifications which only deal with purely the ability of the gland seal to perform at the low temperatures, the Shell specification reviews both the gland seal and the seat seal.

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Hydcovalves Joins The Oliver Valves Family


The discovery that existing Oliver Valves technology had been successfully deployed by key customers into the Hydrogen and Carbon Capture markets sparked the interest of Chairman Michael Oliver. Seeking to develop this potentially lucrative market further, Oliver Hydcovalves Ltd was incorporated as the vehicle for this exciting diversification.

The UK is setting the pace as a world leader in developing a zero-carbon economy. In order to achieve this ambitious objective, many of our traditional hydrocarbon reliant industries will need to transition to green energy sources such as Hydrogen or clean up their CO2 greenhouse gas emissions through the use of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies.

The rest of the world is following closely, driven by the 2015 Paris Agreement, which set a limit on global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius by the mid-century.

Oliver Hydcovalves, a ‘‘green’ company has been set-up to pursue our interests in supplying valves into the hydrogen and carbon capture markets.

Nick Howard, Tony Goodwin and  Rob Porter are taking the responsibility to move this new Company forward with new product designs to meet the requirements for hydrogen and carbon capture applications. This is part of worldwide efforts on climate change and, most significantly, achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Continual improvement through the Oliver Research & Development team will ensure our valves continue to meet or exceed the technical challenges presented by these emerging applications; for example, new materials which prevent the action of Hydrogen Embrittlement.

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Oliver Valves Creates Industry-First Solution For High-Pressure Topside Application

½” Bore Topside Manual Gate Valve

The recently qualified Oliver Valves ½” Bore Topside Manual Gate Valve has provided our client and end-user with a solution for use in an industry-first high-pressure development in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Challenge:

The project required 20ksi DBB Isolation for vents, drains and chemical injection points around the TUTA (Topside Umbilical Termination Assembly), Boarding Valves and Production Manifold.  Process operating pressures were expected to be around 16,500psi.  A fully rated API 20k valve as required by the customer’s specifications. Small-bore instrumentation needle or ball valves were available to the customer at working pressures of 20,000psi but a full through bore gate valve, such as the one above, was a new market requirement:

  • Fully rated PR2 Tested API 20,000psi
  • Fire Safe & NACE Compliant
  • Process Connection – Compact Flanged
  • Instrument Connection – Cone & Thread
  • High Alloy Construction
  • ½” Bore
  • Gate Isolation with Needle Vent because ball deflection had been noted as an issue by the customer with high-pressure ball valves.

Our Challenge:

As the supplier of choice, Oliver’s were required to design and build a valve very quickly to meet the strict application and the project timeline. All of the considerations below had to be met:

  • Conceptual Design and Engineering Calculations
  • Arrangement Drawings
  • Size & Weight Considerations
  • Detailed Bill of Materials
  • FEA Analysis
  • PR2 Testing
  • Fire Testing
  • 3rd Party Witness testing
  • Customer approval of all test documentation, procedures and FEA
  • Prototype; Procurement of materials, Machining, Assembly, Development
  • Only a complete, fully tested, and the qualified valve would allow production to begin.  Any miscalculation could delay the delivery of the valves and causes serious project impacts.  This was roughly 12-months from start to finish.
  • Design that would meet BSEE requirements
  • Customer confidence


Oliver Valves and their master distributor, AWC Inc, have been a long-time trusted supplier to this customer.  They have demonstrated experience in project execution, quality, and specifically the desired technology to meet the requirements of this project. The Oliver Valves team were able to meet and exceed all of the customers’ requirements.  Collaboration with the customer from an early stage in the project resulted in a mutually beneficial solution.

The Result:

Oliver Valves will be supplying multiple ½” Manual Gate Valve DBB’s to a Gulf of Mexico Project. In this project application, the ½” Gate Valve DBB will be used to drain the 20,000psi rated pipework surrounding the large boarding valves on a semi-submersible floating production unit. First oil is anticipated 2024. The high-pressure rating of this design allows our clients and end-users alike to access other high-pressure resource opportunities across the industry.

  • Working Pressure:20,000psi (1379 bar)
  • API 6A 21st Edition Appendix F PR2 Compliant.
  • Independently Witnessed and Approved Qualification.
  • Qualified Temperature Range -29oC to 121oC operable.
  • ½ Turn Manual Operation.
  • It can be offered in a single isolate or DBB format utilising a 20Ksi OS&Y Vent.
  • Qualified in ASTM A182 F55 with UNS N07718 & N06625 Trim.
  • Fire Tested Following API 6FA 5th

Please Contact Oliver Valves Ltd on or for further information. Our business is trusted globally by all the major Oil & Gas operators for our Reliability Under Pressure and our It CAN Be Done approach to client challenges.

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Oliver Valves Launches New Website

Oliver Valves Launches New Website with Blue Whale Media

Oliver Valves is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new redesigned website.

The new website features a comprehensive list of visual and technical enhancements, but it also showcases the four companies. One of our aims with the new website is to improve our standing within the valve industry and further portray Oliver’s as the world’s leading manufacturer of valves.

Our new website has been developed by the local website design company Blue Whale Media, with the intentions of offering the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing customers to see our full product portfolio.

The brand-new website will allow us to showcase every service we offer across our four companies along with the sectors they work with. The new website will cover a comprehensive list of products and services from Oliver Valves, Oliver Valvetek, Oliver Twinsafe and Oliver Hydcovalves. We also wanted to focus on making it easier for our users to learn and locate valuable information about our valve solutions and the particular application or industry, not only at their desk but on mobile devices.

This is also the opportunity to launch our Customer and Supplier Portals that will be an interactive tool through our website.

We hope our visitors and website audience will be able to stay more engaged and informed with our latest news and industry updates. Our new website includes a blog that will contain richer online content such as technical tips, press releases, featured products and newsletters, so you are always just one click away from useful and pertinent information.