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Oliver Twinsafe Quality Control

Here we have some great examples of Oliver Twinsafe using a Faro CMM arm for quality control of critical dimensions. Investment in CMM technology allows fast, repeatable, and highly accurate measurement of parts with complex geometry. These images demonstrates the wide range of movement afforded by the Faro arm, granting better access in comparison to traditional CMM’s when measuring large-sized components, such as the internals of these 8″ diameter bodies. For this particular order, the valves are 8” 1500 class trunnion-mounted Double Block & Bleed valves destined for a metering application.

The CMM allows 3D measurement and comparison of key dimensional information against traditional drawings or a CAD model. The production team can publish a range of reports, providing validation documents in accordance with customer requirements.

Once the dimensional inspection has been carried out, we proceed with LPI inspection, checking for surface defects prior to transfer to the assembly area.

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Oliver Valvetek’s improvements to its Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) line

In response to escalating demand and projected growth over the next half-decade, our company embarked on a rigorous analysis to identify potential bottlenecks within our production processes, aiming to safeguard and enhance our on-time delivery performance. Following a meticulous assessment, our Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) line emerged as a significant bottleneck, posing a substantial threat to our overall production efficiency. The need to outsource certain tasks to meet demand was further compounded by delays stemming from subcontractor lead times, adversely impacting our timelines.

After conducting an exhaustive exploration of available alternatives, we pinpointed a solution poised not only to alleviate the bottleneck but also to redefine our production efficiency: the introduction of an electrostatic spray booth supplied by ATH NDT.

This state-of-the-art booth, distinguished by its overhead monorail system, presents an innovative approach to processing both large batches of small components and smaller batches of larger components with remarkable ease. In sharp contrast to our labour-intensive manual LPI line, this solution significantly streamlines the process, thereby not only enhancing efficiency but also uplifting operator morale.

However, the benefits of this innovative solution extend far beyond mere process efficiency. The adoption of the spray method ensures a more judicious use of penetrant, thereby minimizing waste and associated costs while simultaneously improving quality by reducing the likelihood of overlooked defects. Furthermore, the integration of a new activated carbon filter, which efficiently processes all penetrant wash-off, underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability, marking a significant step towards greener practices within our operations. Moreover, the elimination of subcontracting requirements empowers us with greater autonomy and control over our production schedules, facilitating more precise planning and execution of tasks.

By strengthening the efficiency of our LPI department, we are not only poised to meet the growing demands of our expanding clientele but also equipped to swiftly adapt to evolving customer requirements as our business continues to flourish and evolve. This strategic investment not only reaffirms our unwavering commitment to excellence but also positions us as a formidable force in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. As we steadfastly pursue our organizational objectives, this transformative solution stands as a testament to our ingenuity, resilience, and unyielding dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

In implementing this innovative solution, we are not only optimizing our operations but also enhancing the value we provide to our customers. By streamlining processes, improving quality, and ensuring timely delivery, we are committed to delivering superior products and services, ultimately driving greater satisfaction and loyalty among our valued clientele.

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Oliver Valvetek wins a multi-million-pound export order to manufacture Subsea Gate Valves

Manufacturing capacity, engineering excellence and client required product qualifications were the key drivers to securing the order, and it was placed on an expedited delivery with the first shipments due to leave the UK at the end of January 2024.

The order that includes a mix of ½” Hydraulic, ½”Manual and 1″ hydraulic Gate Valves which required extremely demanding and specialist client driven qualification testing. This was successfully completed by Oliver Valvetek engineers at our state-of-the-art Research and Development facility in Knutsford, England.

A total of 480 Gate Valves will be manufactured in Inconel 625 and Super Duplex materials and shipped directly to a tree manufacturer in Brazil where final assembly into twenty Subsea Christmas Trees will take place.

For more information on Subsea valves, contact Oliver Valvetek on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |

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Oliver Hydcovalves welcomes Turkey distributor

Oliver Hydcovalves welcomes Turkey distributor, Delta Vana, to its UK factory and Research & Development Centre. The visit was a great opportunity for Hydcovalves to share its Hydrogen valve technology and testing achievements of a rapidly developing range of valves specific to Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage applications.

The Hydcovalves team led by Product Manager, Keiran Heatley, and Goker Yildiri of Delta Vana, together discussed the growing opportunities within the Green Energy sector and how well-placed both companies are to maximise on these, which is hugely exciting.

Working closely on future projects, both teams will collaborate on specific valve specifications with technical expertise provided by Oliver Research & Development Manager, David Twigg.

Oliver Hydcovalves is working with companies around the world involved in Hydrogen systems and Carbon Capture applications. If you want more information about valve solutions and expertise for renewable energy projects, contact the Oliver Hydcovalves team.

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Oliver Valves to supply Malaysia’s first Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) project

The Kasawari Phase 2 project is located 200km off the coast of Bintulu, Sarawak in water depths of around 100 metres. The offshore platform is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions emitted from flaring by 3.3 million tonnes per year, making it one of the world’s largest CCS projects.

Successful design, testing and manufacturing of our high-performance instrumentation and subsea pipeline valves for Hydrogen and CCS applications is being adopted at scale by the world’s leading energy producing companies such as Petronas.

For more information about valve solutions and expertise for renewable energy projects, contact Oliver Valves on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |

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Oliver Valvetek to Supply North Sea Redevelopment Field

The Murlach offshore redevelopment oil field was previously known as Skua and is located in the North Sea, 203km off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland. The project, jointly operated by BP Exploration Operating Company (BPEOC) and NEO Energy Central North Sea is due to commence production in June 2025.

To support the project, Oliver Valvetek is to supply a number of specialist subsea valves. Scope of supply includes 2 1/16″ API6A 10K rated Flanged valves with a 3/8″ bore Double Block and Bleed Needle valve bolted to the flange.

For more information on Subsea valves, contact Oliver Valvetek on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |