26 Jul 2022

Hydrogen Valve Collaboration – Only Oliver’s Could Do

Oliver Twinsafe have been working with their sister companies: Oliver Hydcovalves, and Oliver R&D, to prepare their 2” Metal Seated Trunnion ball valve ready for hydrogen applications. Rigorous testing using helium which is the best substitute to hydrogen has been carried out by R&D technician John Whitehead who said “in order for the Trunnion valve to pass testing it had to meet with stringent ISO 15848-1:2015 Tightness class B certification including ISO 5208:2015 zero seat leakage rate A. We’ve achieved this with precision engineering and by providing a high-quality seal face finish.

“This has been my first involvement on the Hydcovalves project and as with all of our test standards its tough-going and meticulous work is required to underpin the safety and certification which is paramount to the team. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the hydrogen testing process, and to be involved in close collaboration with the Oliver group of companies at a very exciting time within the energy industry.”

For more information on Twinsafe’s range of Hydrogen valves or to discover Oliver R&D’s capabilities and service, contact Ian Bryant or Nick Howard on 01565 632636, email; or visit their website at

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