21 Mar 2023

Oliver Valves Provides Distributor Training

Oliver’s have recently appointed MRC, Norway as their authorised distributor for its Oliver Valves, Oliver Twinsafe, and along with its newly established company for the hydrogen and carbon capture market, Oliver Hydcovalves.

Product design and application training was delivered on Double Block and Bleed Valves as well as a range of Valves for severe service including; Hydrogen Applications, Zero Seat Leakage, and Low Emission Valves tested up to +200°C.  Technical aspects of Pipeline Valves for Low Temperatures operable at -50°C to -196°C, and valves tested up to High Temperatures of +500°C.

Main design and material features such as metal seats and stem pack arrangements were covered. This provided an insight into Oliver’s competitive advantage and highlighted unique benefits to its customers. An element of the training included information about significant testing and R&D capabilities that allow for customised solutions to be achieved at scale.

Oliver’s Area Sales Manager for Scotland & Scandinavia, Colin Wood, said “Delivering quality training to distributors is the foundation of our success. Having made the trip to MRC Global’s operation in Bergen, it was a real pleasure to spend a lot of time with the MRC team and learn from their experiences too. Relationships are as important to Oliver’s as the training itself, and we’re very excited by the prospect of this new partnership in Norway.”

For information on how we could deliver product training to you or to enquire about distributor opportunities, contact Oliver Valves on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |

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