15 Aug 2022

Oliver Valves Supply Saudi Arabian Modular Wellsites

Oliver Valves secured a £320,000 order to supply a range of single isolation needle valves, 2 valve manifolds and “IN” type double block and bleed valves for fitment to Modular Wellsite Packages in Saudi Arabia.

Wellsite packages are integrated skid-based units that house all of the equipment between the Christmas tree and the production header. The skids are expected to be installed near the respective wellheads to control the flow and pressure of oil or gas. They include; wellhead shutdown panels to control the wellhead valves, power distribution system with single phase and 3-phase power distributed to modules across the well site. A huge chemical injection system for flowline protection against corrosion, sampling pots to facilitate fluid sampling, and flow lines fitted with instrumentation valves that measure temperature and pressures.

Oliver Valves are to manufacture over 2,000 custom-made valves constructed from Alloy 625 and stainless-steel material that will see the order fulfilled over the next few weeks.

To find out how Oliver Valves can custom-manufacture your valves, contact us by telephone +44 (0)1565 654 089, email: or website:

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