6 Mar 2023

Oliver Valvetek Supply 200 Gate Valves to Buzios Oilfield

Oliver Valvetek prepared to ship a mix of hydraulic operated and manually operated gate valves to the Buzios Field, 200km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The offshore field owned by Petrobras, is located in the Cessao Onerosa region of the pre-salt Santos Basin and covers an area of 416km with water depths ranging from 1,600m to 2,100m. Oliver Valvetek has worked with two major oil and gas tree manufacturers to supply more than 200 – ½” hydraulic and manual operated gate valves operable at 10,000 psi ready for installing onto the full field Xmas tree development. As part of the subsea Xmas tree architecture, Oliver Valvetek have also provided subsea ball, needle and check valves which will be supplied on the same Subsea Xmas trees.

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