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High Pressure, High-Temperature Gate Valves

Oliver Valvetek offers a specialist range of engineered-to-precision Subsea High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Actuated Gate Valves. Available in a 1/2″ nominal bore, having an operating and qualfied pressure rating up to 20,000psi [1380 bar]. The Qualifed operating temperature range of the HPHT gate valve is -29°C to +155°C (-20°F to 311°F) . Qualified water depth rating of 10,000ft [3050m].

Hydraulically Actuated Subsea HPHT Gate Valves provide users with a low flow restriction metal to metal seat sealing isolation for applications such as chemical injection lines on HPHT Christmas trees and HPHT manifold structures. The gate and seat sealing faces used within the valves utilise fully Qualified Tungsten Carbide hard facing (HVOF) technology to provide gas-tight sealing.

The Oliver Valvetek HPHT hydraulic gate valve range of through conduit slab gate valves is provided with hydraulically actuated (fail close) operation. The actuator is a coil spring demountable design.

Like our standard gate valve range, HPHT Hydraulically actuated Gate Valves are also suitable for ROV override intervention. Our current Hydraulically Actuated Subsea Gate Valves have been used extensively since 1997 by our customers worldwide for small and large Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects.

Qualification testing is performed to the exacting standards of API 6A Appendix F PR2 and 17D 2nd Ed. Independent Primary and Secondary Gland Seal Validation – 600 Hydraulic Cycles and qualification was 3rd Party witnessed and Approved.

Product Information

  • Product features

    Coil Spring Fail Close Actuator – The fail close (optional fail open) action is by way of a coil spring stack. These have been designed and developed for thousands of operating cycles, meeting the most demanding customer applications. Actuator spring stack is rated for water depths down to 10,000ft [3050m] with current product developments to consider actuators for ultra-deepwater projects in excess of 10,000ft.
    Override Operator – The actuated gate valves can be supplied with an override operator, which can be used to open the gate valve in the event of a loss of hydraulic pressure. Different adaptors can be provided for connection to extension rods for ROV operation and can be customised to your specific applications.
    Position Indication – Clear position during both hydraulic and override operation.
    Hydraulic Actuator Seals – Hydraulic actuator Capped seals with Peek anti-extrusion rings are used as standard and are suitable for Hydraulic System operational pressures of 5,000psi [345 bar] and have been tested to 7,500psi [517 bar]. Oliver Valvetek can also offer customised seal material solutions if required to meet the demands of specific control fluids and applications. – Please contact our Sales our Technical team for further information and support.
    Override Operating Threads – The multi-turn ACME thread design ensures low override operating torques.
    Uninterrupted flow passage through the valve – The through conduit slab gate and seat design provide a clear through bore with minimum restriction to flow.
    Product supplemental Qualifications – Total of 1200 Cycles by means of an additional 400 hydraulic downstream cycles + 200 Manual Override Cycles. 33 Stage Stepwise Testing in both Upstream and Downstream Directions.

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