Subsea Needle Valves

Hydraulically Actuated Subsea Needle Valves

Complementing Oliver Valvetek’s manually operated Needle Valve range for subsea use; we offer a hydraulically actuated needle valve design.

The needle valve is supplied with a ¾” (19mm) bore and with a working pressure up to 10,000 PSI [689 bar].

Please note that this valve is Qualified to API6A PR2 / API17D First Edition only at a qualfied water depth of 4,5000 psi.

With Oil and Gas extraction becoming more advanced, the industry demands only the most innovative engineering excellence. For more information about our Hydraulically Actuated Subsea Needle Valves, get in touch with Oliver Valvetek today!

Product Information

  • Product features
    Operator – The needle valves are supplied with a number of different actuators for either shallow or deeper water applications. Optional override with a torque to operate, 120ft-lbf nom, 200ft-lbf max, API17D class 2.
    Anti-Blowout Spindle – The needle valve is supplied with a ¾” (19mm) bore that has a spindle designed for maximum torsional (Torque to Damage) strength of 300 ft-lbf.
    Environmental Seals – All needle valves have seals to prevent the ingress of seawater. Depending on the application, Hydraulic Needle valves from Oliver Valvetek are designed for water depth equivalent to 4,500 feet (1371m).
    Gland Seals – The gland seal within each needle valve has been designed with a spring energised, lower seal to prove dynamic adjustment of the packing gland seal in response to pressure changes. This feature ensures leak-free spindle sealing with no requirement for adjustment.
    Traceability of Materials – All the components within an Oliver Valvetek subsea needle valve have material traceability. The needle valve body, tip, spindle, seal housing are manufactured as standard to API 6A PSL3. The complete needle valves are individually serialised and are provided with material and pressure test certificates to BS EN 10204 3.1 certifications. Optional EN 10204 with the intent of a 3.2 type certification option is also readily available (EN 10204 3.2 true mill witnessed shall be assessed for availability upon request).

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