Receptacles and Position Indication Systems

Receptacles and Position Indication Systems

Oliver Valvetek supplies an extensive range of ROV receptacles and Position Indication systems for use with our own valves and other subsea equipment such as electrical penetrators and small bore gate valves.
We ensure that all of our Receptacles and Position Indication Systems are built in line with the latest ISO specifications and work with our customers to engineer tailored-to-suit ROV tooling packages.

Receptacles can be provided in line with the latest ISO 13628-8 specification or tailored to suit a customer’s specific ROV tooling package.

The simple progressive indicator system has been designed to fail, should the mechanism become jammed by a foreign body, in such a way that does not prevent the functioning of the attached valve or equipment.

The receptacles can be provided with ROV retrievable shear pins designed to protect equipment being over-torqued.

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Simple and robust position indication system for ROV operation.
    Suitable for fitting to a range of different high and low torque ROV receptacles.
    Easily adaptable for a different number of turns, sweep of indicating arm and location of indicating arm.
    Manufactured to ISO 13628-8 specification or bespoke customer designs.

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