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Oliver Valves to supply Malaysia’s first Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) project

The Kasawari Phase 2 project is located 200km off the coast of Bintulu, Sarawak in water depths of around 100 metres. The offshore platform is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions emitted from flaring by 3.3 million tonnes per year, making it one of the world’s largest CCS projects.

Successful design, testing and manufacturing of our high-performance instrumentation and subsea pipeline valves for Hydrogen and CCS applications is being adopted at scale by the world’s leading energy producing companies such as Petronas.

For more information about valve solutions and expertise for renewable energy projects, contact Oliver Valves on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |

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Oliver Valves secured a DBB order destined for Indonesia

Oliver Valves engineering teams in both England and Kuala Lumpur have supported the bidding process to supply numerous Double Block and Bleed valves to the Akatara Project. Akatara is a conventional gas field located onshore Indonesia.

As part of the order are DBB valves designed for Cryogenic applications. Valves have been manufactured with an extended bonnet to withstand extreme cold temperatures down to minus -320DegF.

Total completion of the order is expected by the end of January with final shipment to Indonesia expected to be mid-February 2024.

For information on how Oliver Valves can provide valve solutions for your project, telephone +44(0)1565 632 636 or visit our website at

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Joint order win for Oliver Valves and Oliver Twinsafe

Oliver Valves were awarded the scope of work to supply more than 500 flange-by-screw, sample and injection Double Block and Bleed instrumentation valves with 10 mm bore. The order also includes a number of flange-by-flange full bore pipeline DBB valves in both carbon steel and stainless steel manufactured by pipeline valve specialist – Oliver Twinsafe. Valves will be shipped direct to the world’s largest oil production project located in the Republic of Iraq.

For information on how Oliver Valves and Oliver Twinsafe can provide instrumentation and pipeline valve solutions for your project, telephone +44(0)1565 632 636 or visit our website at

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Oliver Expands Operational Facilities in Malaysia

Oliver Valves expands its operational facilities in Malaysia and relocates its sales and engineering offices to larger office space in Kuala Lumpur.

Due to continued demand for our specialist valve engineering solutions, we’ve now outgrown our existing facility and have invested in new and larger premises. The move will allow for greater efficiencies to be made in servicing our customers and continue our exciting growth plan to deliver large-scale and specialist engineering projects in Asia.

We will operate from our new offices from the 2nd February, and telephone and email contact details will remain the same.

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Oliver Valvetek supplies first 15,000 Psi Trunnion Dual Stem Sealing Ball Valves for Exxon Mobil Uaru

Oliver Valvetek’s unique approach to Subsea valve design and manufacturing is exemplary and world-leading. They partner with one of the leading Subsea Tree and Subsea Distribution Units manufacturers in the world and is supplying valves to the Exxon Mobil Guyana Futures field.

For the past 5 years, Oliver Valvetek has provided more than 3000 pieces of ½” 10,000psi rated Subsea Trunnion style Ball Valves for the full field development. Due to changes in production, control system requirements, and an operation pressure increase, Exxon Mobil also required a 15,000psi rated valve.

Oliver Valvetek successfully qualified a valve to API6A PR2F and API17D 3rd Ed and included specialist testing and materials that were specific to the pressure and process media application.

For more information on Subsea valves, contact Oliver Valvetek on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |

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Oliver Valves Secure £890k Order for Modular Wellsites

Oliver Valves secured a £890,000 order to supply Double Block and Bleed valves in Alloy 625 material with a reduced overall length of 240mm and are to be fitted to Modular Wellsite Packages.

Wellsite packages are integrated skid-based units that house all the equipment between the Christmas tree and the production header. The skids are expected to be installed near the respective wellheads to control the flow and pressure of oil or gas. They include; wellhead shutdown panels to control the wellhead valves, power distribution system with single phase and 3-phase power distributed to modules across the well site. A huge chemical injection system for flowline protection against corrosion, sampling pots to facilitate fluid sampling, and flow lines fitted with instrumentation valves that measure temperature and pressures.

Oliver Valves are to manufacture 240 custom-made valves that are to be shipped to site over the next few weeks.

To find out how Oliver Valves can custom-manufacture your valves, contact us by telephone +44 (0)1565 654 089, email: or website:

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SIL 3 Certification for Oliver Twinsafe

Oliver Twinsafe Trunnion Mounted valves and Floating Ball Valves have successfully been SIL certified at level 3. This new and important milestone provides operators with safety assurances at the highest level and has resulted from many months of engineering design, QA reviews, and audits.


A SIL (Safety Integrity Level) is a measure of safety system performance, in terms of probability of failure on demand (PFD). The higher the SIL level, the higher the associated safety level, and the lower probability that a system will fail to perform properly. SIL 3 is the highest rating that can be given to a valve.


High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) and remotely located well-head manifolds are normally associated with SIL certification. Operators are to gain additional safety assurances from installing our ball valves, in that, when the valve is required to perform its fail-safe function, the probability of it not performing is extremely low.


SIL 3 certification has been awarded by Exida, a third-party safety assessment organisation. The certification covers our range of Single Isolate valves, and Double Block and Bleed valves comprising two separate isolates within the assembly. Bore sizes for Trunnion Mounted valves range from 1” – 16” and 1” – 3” on Floating Ball valves.

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Oliver Valves are Reassuringly Reliable

Our onsite UK manufacturing and testing facilities enable us to provide complete and customised valve solutions up to 20” bore and with reassuring reliability and quality. From engineering design, pressure testing, and painting, to global shipping – we handle the whole process.

A recent example of this and now nearing the final stages of a year-long production run are 20mm Bore, Trunnion Double Block & Bleed Valves, tested to 5,000 API.

For information on how Oliver Valves can provide instrumentation and DBB valve solutions for your project, telephone +44(0)1565 632 636 or visit our website at

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Oliver Valves Italian Distributor AF System Wins Qatar Order

AF System is an authorised distributor of Oliver Valves and has recently secured an order to supply valves for HPU units on the North Field Production Sustainability (NFPS) Project in Qatar.

The NFPS is an offshore and onshore project located on the North East coast of the Qatar Peninsula. The scope of work is EPCI of various offshore platforms, supporting and connecting structures, subsea cables and pipelines for extracting and transporting natural gas. The project aims to increase gas production by more than 40% to 110 million tonnes per year.

Oliver Valves’ first-class distributor support helped AF System to secure an order for more than 800 Double Block and Bleed valves, 300 isolating instrumentation valves and 3-way valves in Inconel 625 material. The valves are to be shipped to various actuator manufacturers in Italy.

Managing Director Andrea Lenti said “Oliver Valves is a well-known and respected brand in Qatar and around the world. With several offshore investments expected to progress in the near future, we’ll continue to proactively promote Oliver Valves to ensure we maximise this potential.”

To find out how Oliver Valves and our network of distributors can support your project requirements contact us by telephone +44 (0)1565 632 636, email: or online:

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Oliver Valves Welcome PCE Spain & Portugal

Oliver Valves has appointed Process Control and Equipment (PCE) as an authorised distributor for their instrumentation, Double Block and Bleed, Pipeline, and Hydrogen valves in Spain and Portugal.

As the preferred distributor for the UK, this strong partnership with PCE has been built over 20 years. The announcement follows PCE’s appointment for the Benelux region in 2022, and falls in-line with Oliver’s European strategy to deliver high quality valve solutions ‘nationally’, with efficient after-sales support ‘locally’. PCE is integral to delivering on this.

Oliver Valves territory manager for Europe and Africa, Andy Hole, said “Our unrivalled reputation for valve solutions has been strengthened further with professional representation of our brands in the Benelux region, and we’re very excited to continue the success with PCE in Iberia.”

Having successfully delivered product and after-sales support training to PCE this month, the key learning outcomes were mutually beneficial  – with discussions around market opportunity, and how well we can support each other in achieving our goals.”

For more information on how Oliver Valves and Oliver Twinsafe can supply your project with the very best valve solutions, contact us on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |