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Oliver Twinsafe Quality Control

Here we have some great examples of Oliver Twinsafe using a Faro CMM arm for quality control of critical dimensions. Investment in CMM technology allows fast, repeatable, and highly accurate measurement of parts with complex geometry. These images demonstrates the wide range of movement afforded by the Faro arm, granting better access in comparison to traditional CMM’s when measuring large-sized components, such as the internals of these 8″ diameter bodies. For this particular order, the valves are 8” 1500 class trunnion-mounted Double Block & Bleed valves destined for a metering application.

The CMM allows 3D measurement and comparison of key dimensional information against traditional drawings or a CAD model. The production team can publish a range of reports, providing validation documents in accordance with customer requirements.

Once the dimensional inspection has been carried out, we proceed with LPI inspection, checking for surface defects prior to transfer to the assembly area.

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