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Oliver Hydcovalves Supports Hydrogen Production

Oliver Hydcovalves is excited to be suppling a large number of its PN16 flanged single isolate ball valves to Hydrogen production projects in the North of England.

The advancement of hydrogen technology presents an exciting solution to the world’s future energy needs, and the reliance on safe and reliable ancillary products such as valves to facilitate the transition is as critical now than ever before. This is where Oliver Hydcovalves is leading the charge. Energy industries and OEMs are investing heavily in hydrogen applications, and it will require more large-scale production and storage facilities to help meet the growing appetite for hydrogen, and make it an efficient and affordable fuel source for industrial and domestic use. The production of hydrogen is achieved through methods such as steam reforming, gasification, or electrolysis. These methods separate the elements into various compounds, producing the usable H2 molecules.

For more information on how Oliver Hydcovalves can supply your hydrogen production with the very best valve solutions, contact them on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |

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New Oliver Hydrogen Transportation Valves Are About Time

Oliver Hydcovalves have announced the design and manufacture of three new valves for hydrogen transportation and refuelling. Using high performance polymer bearings and seals in partnership with DuPont™, valves have been qualification tested to 102,000 cycles of operation while maintaining a fugitive emissions leakage class of BH.

Another unique feature of the valves is their full-bore design. This avoids restrictive flow, which appears to be a common problem in many valves on the market. Nick Howard, Engineering Director at Oliver Hydcovalves stated; “By maximising the flow rate, it will deliver a more continuous and consistent flow of hydrogen medium. This will allow for hydrogen fuel to be dispensed and refilled onsite much more quickly, which will deliver dramatic time-saving benefits.”

As the world continues to move towards sustainable energy sources, hydrogen is emerging as the promising fuel option for vehicles and industrial transportation on land, sea, and air. The transporting and dispensing of hydrogen fuel in working environments such as fuel stations and onsite fuel storage facilities, require specialist valves that have been designed and engineered for continuous high cycle operative use and meet the requirements of ISO 19880-3.

When dispensing hydrogen fuel onsite, it generally requires a large area to be closed off while in progress, and can even involve a whole site closure, dependent on size of area. Therefore, the time it takes to dispense hydrogen fuel is crucial. Oliver’s full-bore valves deliver hydrogen much faster than other transportation valves that have a restrictive flow. This significantly reduces the downtime at a site, and in most cases, can be halved – minimising disruption to the forecourt and business operations.

Hydrogen fuel is stored and transported using pressurised tanks. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance that valves can handle extreme pressures too. Since 1979, Oliver has been synonymous with valve safety and reliability, even relied upon by the world’s largest energy producers, suppliers, and end-users for its precision engineered solutions. As Oliver’s company mantra suggests ‘Reliability Under Pressure’, they’re well-positioned to provide the necessary assurances required.

This latest engineering achievement firmly places Oliver Hydcovalves at the forefront for hydrogen transportation valves. Built to the highest specifications using premium quality materials, and tested to the highest standards, it’s logical to see how Oliver’s claim to offer the best valve solution for hydrogen transportation and refuelling applications, certainly holds up.

Bore sizes include; 10mm, 14mm and 20mm. To learn more about hydrogen transportation and for guidance on hydrogen specifications, applications, qualifications and pricing, contact Oliver Hydcovalves on +44 (0) 1565 632636 or visit their website at:

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Oliver Valves Supply Manifolds to Saudi Arabia

After being awarded a huge contract to support the transmitter industry in the Middle East, Oliver Valves prepared its production facilities for the manufacture of nearly 2,000 units of their 2 and 5 valve consolidated Manifold Valves.

Winning the project comes down to a culmination of efforts, explains Business Development Manager, Haridas Embanath, “Oliver’s are very excited to be working with our clients again to deliver on this huge project. When specifying work, it’s often easy for a supplier’s ability to fully understand the clients’ project requirements to be overlooked in favour of a purely cost-driven solution. The close relationship we have with our clients, ensures a great trust between the two, not only in our ability to meet demanding schedules, and deliver customised valve solutions that are truly world-class, but also reductions in cost.”

Having liaised with the client’s procurement teams in Europe and the Middle East over a 6-month period, Oliver Valves successfully delivered the best cost solution for the client, and is to provide engineering support throughout the project.

To find out how Oliver Valves can custom-manufacture your valves, telephone +44 (0)1565 654 089, email: or visit the website:

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Oliver Valves Provides Distributor Training

Oliver’s have recently appointed MRC, Norway as their authorised distributor for its Oliver Valves, Oliver Twinsafe, and along with its newly established company for the hydrogen and carbon capture market, Oliver Hydcovalves.

Product design and application training was delivered on Double Block and Bleed Valves as well as a range of Valves for severe service including; Hydrogen Applications, Zero Seat Leakage, and Low Emission Valves tested up to +200°C.  Technical aspects of Pipeline Valves for Low Temperatures operable at -50°C to -196°C, and valves tested up to High Temperatures of +500°C.

Main design and material features such as metal seats and stem pack arrangements were covered. This provided an insight into Oliver’s competitive advantage and highlighted unique benefits to its customers. An element of the training included information about significant testing and R&D capabilities that allow for customised solutions to be achieved at scale.

Oliver’s Area Sales Manager for Scotland & Scandinavia, Colin Wood, said “Delivering quality training to distributors is the foundation of our success. Having made the trip to MRC Global’s operation in Bergen, it was a real pleasure to spend a lot of time with the MRC team and learn from their experiences too. Relationships are as important to Oliver’s as the training itself, and we’re very excited by the prospect of this new partnership in Norway.”

For information on how we could deliver product training to you or to enquire about distributor opportunities, contact Oliver Valves on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |

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Oliver Twinsafe to Supply Hinkley Point C

Oliver Twinsafe has been commissioned by Caley Ocean to manufacture a mix of 2″ and 3″ bore, single isolate valves for two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C.

The valves have been custom designed for use on the power station’s cooling system. Works on dredging and disposal of sediment in the Severn Estuary began in 2018, ahead of the installation of heads for the cooling water system which will consist of six vertical shafts drilled into the seabed of the Bristol Channel.

Until now, the UK hasn’t seen construction of a new nuclear power station for over 20 years. Located on the west coast of Somerset, Hinkley Point C has plans for two nuclear reactors capable of powering more than 6 million homes, and will produce 3,260MW of secure, low carbon electricity for the next 60 years. Thousands of jobs are to be created, bringing long-lasting benefits to the local and national UK economy.

Oliver Twinsafe Valves are world-renowned for their reliability of operation in the harshest of environments found anywhere in the world. Their customised approach to providing pipeline valve solutions, perfectly positions them as the market-leader for pipeline ball valves in sizes up to 16”.

To discuss your pipeline project requirements, and learn how an engineered-to-order approach could benefit your business, contact Oliver Twinsafe on +44 (0)1565 632 636 or email |

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Oliver Valves Italian Distributor AF System Wins Qatar Order

AF System is an authorised distributor of Oliver Valves and has recently secured an order to supply valves for HPU units on the North Field Production Sustainability (NFPS) Project in Qatar.

The NFPS is an offshore and onshore project located on the North East coast of the Qatar Peninsula. The scope of work is EPCI of various offshore platforms, supporting and connecting structures, subsea cables and pipelines for extracting and transporting natural gas. The project aims to increase gas production by more than 40% to 110 million tonnes per year.

Oliver Valves’ first-class distributor support helped AF System to secure an order for more than 800 Double Block and Bleed valves, 300 isolating instrumentation valves and 3-way valves in Inconel 625 material. The valves are to be shipped to various actuator manufacturers in Italy.

Managing Director Andrea Lenti said “Oliver Valves is a well-known and respected brand in Qatar and around the world. With several offshore investments expected to progress in the near future, we’ll continue to proactively promote Oliver Valves to ensure we maximise this potential.”
To find out how Oliver Valves and our network of distributors can support your project requirements contact us by telephone +44 (0)1565 632 636, email: or online: